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November 24

1839 premiere of Hector Berlioz's ‘symphonie dramatique’ Romeo and Juliet based on Shakespeare; this was the first of three triumphant performances conducted by the composer at the Paris Conservatory before capacity audiences that comprised much of the Parisian intelligentsia and included Richard Wagner1868 Scott Joplin – American ragtime composer and pianist (d.1917); later called ‘The King of Ragtime’; during his brief career, wrote some 44 original pieces, a ragtime ballet, and 2 operas; his Maple Leaf Rag was ragtime's first and most influential hit.

1888 first performance of Peter Tchaikovsky's fantasy overture Hamlet in Moscow; dedicated to Edvard Grieg, whom Tchaikovsky had recently met (on the same occasion that he met Johannes Brahms); Tchaikovsky described Grieg as "an extraordinarily charming man".

1919 first performance of the third (and final) version of Jean Sibelius's Symphony No. 5 in Helsinki under the composer's direction; he had conducted the first performances of two earlier versions of this symphony in 1915 and 1916; the composer was originally commissioned to write this work by the Finnish government in honor of his 50th birthday, which had been declared a national holiday

1927 Emma Lou Diemer – American composer and keyboard player (91 years old); among her works, Songs for the Earth (2005), commissioned by the San Francisco Choral Society with texts by Emily Dickinson, Mary Oliver, Dorothy Diemer Hendry, Omar Khayyam, and Hildegard von Bingen.

1934 Alfred Schnittke – Russian Soviet composer (d.1998); developed a polystylistic technique in works such as the epic First Symphony (1969–1972); in the 1980s, his music became more widely known abroad with Second (1980) and Third (1983) String Quartets and the ballet Peer Gynt and the Symphonies Nos. 3-5.

1944 first performance of David Diamond's Rounds for string orchestra, by the Minneapolis Symphony conducted by Dimtri Mitropoulos who had commissioned the work, saying "Write me a happy work. These are distressing times; most of the difficult music I play is distressing. Make me happy."

1953 Tod Machover – American composer, conductor, cellist (67 years old); an innovator in the application of technology in music.

1960 Edgar Meyer – American double-bass virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and composer (60 years old); styles include classical, bluegrass, ‘newgrass’ (progressive bluegrass), and jazz

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Apr. 4, 2015

Program Guide


00:02:00    00:18:29    Peter Tchaikovsky    Hamlet Fantasy Overture Op 67        Gustavo Dudamel    Simón Bolívar Symphony    DeutGram     15296
00:22:00    00:25:23    Aaron Copland    Appalachian Spring: Suite        Aaron Copland    Boston Symphony Orchestra    RCA     300350
00:49:00    00:28:05    Ludwig van Beethoven    String Quartet No.  5 in A major  Op 18            Cypress String Quartet    Avie     2348
01:19:00    01:31:08    Hector Berlioz    Roméo et Juliette Op 17    Cleveland Orchestra    Pierre Boulez    Melanie Diener, soprano; Kenneth Tarver, tenor; Denis Sedov, bass; Cleveland Orchestra Chorus    DeutGram     1301
02:52:00    00:27:06    Robert Schumann    Piano Quartet in E flat major  Op 47    Cleveland Quartet        Emanuel Ax, piano; Members of    RCA     6498
03:21:00    00:33:27    Joachim Raff    Symphony No.10 in F minor  Op 213        Werner Andreas Albert    Philharmonia Hungarica    CPO     999536
03:56:00    00:26:13    Samuel Barber    Cello Concerto Op 22    St. Louis Symphony    Leonard Slatkin    Steven Isserlis, cello    RCA     68283
04:24:00    00:26:13    Richard Wagner    Parsifal: Act 1 Prelude & Good Friday        Christian Thielemann    Philadelphia Orchestra    DeutGram     453485
04:52:00    00:26:07    Vincent d'Indy    Symphony on a French Mountain Air Op 25    National Symphony of Ireland    Antonio de Almeida    François-Joël Thiollier, piano    Naxos     550754
05:20:00    00:14:46    Niels Gade    Concert Overture 'Echoes of Ossian' Op 1        Dmitri Kitayenko    Danish National Radio Sym    Chandos     9422
05:37:00    00:07:25    Jean-Féry Rebel    Ulysses: Suite            Les Délices    Délices     2012
05:53:00    00:06:14    Béla Bartók    Romanian Folk Dances            Orpheus Chamber Orchestra    DeutGram     415668


06:07:00    00:06:23    Aaron Copland    Letter from Home        JoAnn Falletta    Buffalo Philharmonic    Naxos     559240
06:11:00    00:09:13    Aaron Copland    An Outdoor Overture        Gerard Schwarz    Seattle Symphony    Delos     3140
06:25:00    00:12:09    Maurice Ravel    La valse        Christoph von Dohnányi    Cleveland Orchestra    Teldec     44945
06:37:00    00:04:13    Irving Berlin    God Bless America    Boston Pops Orchestra    John Williams    Tanglewood Festival Chorus    Sony     48224
06:45:00    00:08:09    David Diamond    Finale from Symphony No. 2        Gerard Schwarz    Seattle Symphony    Delos     3093
06:55:00    00:03:54    Frank W. Meacham    The American Patrol        Loras John Schissel    Blossom Festival Band    MAA     40601
07:00:00    00:05:38    Aaron Copland    The Tender Land: The Promise of Living    Boston Pops Orchestra    John Williams    Tanglewood Festival Chorus    Sony     48224
07:10:00    00:14:21    Jerome Moross    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:        Paul Bateman    City of Prague Philharmonic    Silva     1049
07:28:00    00:05:47    Mark O'Connor    Appalachia Waltz            Mark O'Connor, violin; Yo-Yo Ma, cello; Edgar Meyer, double bass    Sony     752307
07:35:00    00:06:14    Louis Moreau Gottschalk    Caprice on "Home, Sweet Home" Op 51            Alan Feinberg, piano    Argo     436121
07:44:00    00:11:37    Pablo de Sarasate    Carmen Fantasy Op 25    Budapest Festival Orchestra    Iván Fischer    Akiko Suwanai, violin    Philips     464531
07:58:00    00:01:52    William Grant Still    Swanee River            Denver Oldham, piano    Koch Intl     7084
08:04:00    00:09:58    Victor Herbert    American Fantasy        Leonard Slatkin    St. Louis Symphony    RCA     60983
08:15:00    00:12:39    Felix Mendelssohn    Minuet & Finale from String Symphony        Thomas Fey    Heidelberg Symphony    Hänssler     98275
08:32:00    00:04:52    Henri Vieuxtemps    Souvenir d'Amérique 'Yankee Doodle            Caroline Goulding, violin; Christopher O'Riley, piano    Telarc     80744
08:40:00    00:07:51    Antonín Dvorák    Scherzo from Symphony No. 9 Op 95        Christoph von Dohnányi    Cleveland Orchestra    Decca     414421
08:48:00    00:04:52    Morton Gould    Spirituals for Strings: Were You There?        Kenneth Klein    London Philharmonic Strings    Albany     1058
08:55:00    00:03:12    Aaron Copland    Rodeo: Hoedown        Michael Tilson Thomas    San Francisco Symphony    RCA     63511


09:02:00    00:19:11    Samuel Barber    Souvenirs Suite Op 28        Yoel Levi    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra    Telarc     80441
09:24:00    00:03:01    Rev. Robert Lowry    Shall We Gather at the River?            Anonymous 4; Bruce Molsky, vocal    Harm Mundi     807549
09:27:00    00:03:33    Jay Ungar    Ashokan Farewell from 'The Civil War'    Chamber Ensemble        David McCullough, narrator; Paul Roebling, narrator    Nonesuch     1
09:30:00    00:04:33    Walter Kittredge    Tenting on the Old Camp Ground            Anonymous 4    Harm Mundi     807549
09:38:00    00:08:14    Elmer Bernstein    To Kill a Mockingbird: Suite        Elmer Bernstein    Royal Philharmonic Pops    Denon     75288
09:46:00    00:08:59    Aaron Copland    Our Town: Suite        Leonard Slatkin    St. Louis Symphony    RCA     61699


10:02:00    00:07:54    Don Ray    Homestead Dances: Quilters' Dance        Derek Gleeson    Dublin Philharmonic    Albany     1058
10:09:00    00:04:21    Edvard Grieg    Lyric Pieces Book  6: Homesickness Op 57            Emil Gilels, piano    DeutGram     4793449
10:14:00    00:05:40    William Arms Fischer    Goin' Home            Alisa Weilerstein, cello; Anna Polonsky, piano    Decca     19765
10:23:00    00:09:14    Frederic Hand    A Psalm of Thanksgiving            Jayna Nelson, flute; Frederic Hand, guitar    Willow     1036
10:35:00    00:03:07    Alice Hawthorne    Listen to the Mocking Bird            Anonymous 4; Bruce Molsky, banjo    Harm Mundi     807549
10:38:00    00:20:21    Mark O'Connor    Call of the Mockingbird    London Philharmonic    Steven Mercurio    Mark O'Connor, violin    Sony     61679


11:02:00    00:12:11    Edvard Grieg    Overture 'In Autumn' Op 11        Petri Sakari    Iceland Symphony    Chandos     9028
11:16:00    00:16:05    Ludwig van Beethoven    Adagio from String Quartet No. 15 Op 132            Cypress String Quartet    Cypress     2012
11:33:00    00:14:21    Ottorino Respighi    Poema autunnale    Monte Carlo Philharmonic    Yakov Kreizberg    Julia Fischer, violin    Decca     15535
11:50:00    00:09:14    Ludwig van Beethoven    Shepherd's Song from Symphony No.  6 Op 68        Daniel Barenboim    West-Eastern Divan Orchestra    Decca     16871


12:02:00    00:20:31    Virgil Thomson    Symphony on a Hymn Tune        Howard Hanson    Eastman-Rochester Orchestra    Mercury     434310
12:26:00    00:06:43    Scott Joplin    Solace            Joshua Rifkin, piano    Nonesuch     79159
12:32:00    00:03:32    Brian Dykstra    Spring Beauties Rag            Brian Dykstra, piano    Centaur     3161
12:36:00    00:03:06    Scott Joplin    The Ragtime Dance            Leila Josefowicz, violin; John Novacek, piano    Philips     462948
12:43:00    00:06:01    Jerome Moross    Rachel, Rachel: Americana Miniature        Paul Bateman    City of Prague Philharmonic    Silva     1049
12:49:00    00:03:50    Traditional    Shenandoah            Lara Downes, piano    Sono Lumin     92207
12:52:00    00:03:45    Aaron Copland    Simple Gifts from 'Appalachian Spring'        Frank Battisti    N.E. Conservatory Winds    Albany     1058


13:02:00    00:33:27    Joachim Raff    Symphony No.10 in F minor  Op 213        Werner Andreas Albert    Philharmonia Hungarica    CPO     999536
13:37:00    00:15:59    Ralph Vaughan Williams    A Song of Thanksgiving    City of London Sinfonia    Matthew Best    John Gielgud, narrator; Lynne Dawson, soprano; John Scott, organ; London Oratory Junior Choir; Corydon Singers    Hyperion     66569
13:54:00    00:04:28    Ralph Vaughan Williams    Fantasia on 'Greensleeves'        Michael Stern    Kansas City Symphony    Reference     129


14:00:00    00:22:29    Charles Ives    Symphony No. 3 'The Camp Meeting'            Orpheus Chamber Orchestra    DeutGram     439869
14:24:00    00:11:29    Peggy Stuart Coolidge    Pioneer Dances        Siegfried Landau    Westphalian Symphony    Vox     5157
14:37:00    00:05:11    Samuel Coleridge-Taylor    Deep River Op 59            Lara Downes, piano    Sono Lumin     92207
14:42:00    00:08:59    Aaron Copland    Our Town: Suite        Leonard Slatkin    St. Louis Symphony    RCA     61699
14:52:00    00:06:04    Brian Dykstra    November's Rag            Brian Dykstra, piano    Centaur     3161


16:02:00    00:12:11    Edvard Grieg    Overture 'In Autumn' Op 11        Petri Sakari    Iceland Symphony    Chandos     9028
16:16:00    00:16:05    Ludwig van Beethoven    Adagio from String Quartet No. 15 Op 132            Cypress String Quartet    Cypress     2012
16:33:00    00:14:21    Ottorino Respighi    Poema autunnale    Monte Carlo Philharmonic    Yakov Kreizberg    Julia Fischer, violin    Decca     15535
16:50:00    00:09:14    Ludwig van Beethoven    Shepherd's Song from Symphony No.  6 Op 68        Daniel Barenboim    West-Eastern Divan Orchestra    Decca     16871


19:02:00    00:17:48    Walter Piston    The Incredible Flutist: Suite    Seattle Symphony    Gerard Schwarz    Scott Goff, flute    Naxos     559160
19:22:00    00:33:27    Joachim Raff    Symphony No.10 in F minor  Op 213        Werner Andreas Albert    Philharmonia Hungarica    CPO     999536
19:57:00    00:02:05    Edward MacDowell    Suite No. 1: Summer Idyll Op 42        Takuo Yuasa    Ulster Orchestra    Naxos     559075


20:02:00    00:09:19    Aaron Copland    Quiet City    Orpheus Chamber Orchestra        Raymond Mase, trumpet; Stephen Taylor, English horn    DeutGram     427335
20:13:00    00:14:21    Jerome Moross    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:        Paul Bateman    City of Prague Philharmonic    Silva     1049
20:29:00    00:25:23    Aaron Copland    Appalachian Spring: Suite        Aaron Copland    Boston Symphony Orchestra    RCA     300350
20:55:00    00:03:21    Pietro Mascagni    Cavalleria rusticana: Intermezzo        Mariss Jansons    Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra    EMI     56576

21:00 SPECIAL: Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Fall, Food & Gratitude - With music and stories for Thanksgiving, host John Birge creates a contemporary reflection on the meaning of the holiday. Christopher Kimball, founder, editor, and publisher of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, and host of public television's most-watched cooking show, America's Test Kitchen takes us to his Vermont farm for a New England Thanksgiving, and talks about the experiences for which he's most grateful. And Stephen Hough, world famous concert pianist, composer, prize-winning poet, and MacArthur genius, shares his wonderful essay "Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving" which he wrote for the London Telegraph, and we'll hear an excerpt from his favorite Thanksgiving author Willa Cather, plus his Grieg album. Also, Patrick Stewart reads autumn poems from John Keats and Antonio Vivaldi. Classical music is the heart and soul of Giving Thanks. Between the selections, it’s a contemporary celebration of the spirit of Gratitude. And continuing a Giving Thanks tradition: a spellbinding story from actor Charles Laughton, giving thanks for Art that connects us all to the creative spirit.


23:02:00    00:09:56    John Knowles Paine    Adagio from Symphony No. 1 Op 23        Zubin Mehta    New York Philharmonic    New World     374
23:11:00    00:07:54    George Gershwin    Lullaby for Strings        Riccardo Chailly    Cleveland Orchestra    Decca     417326
23:21:00    00:22:11    Alan Hovhaness    Sonata for Harp & Guitar            Yolanda Kondonassis, harp; Jason Vieaux, guitar    Azica     71297
23:45:00    00:09:12    Samuel Barber    Adagio for Strings Op 11            New Century Chamber Orch    NSS Music     10
23:56:00    00:02:52    William Grant Still    Mystic Pool from 'Traceries'            Denver Oldham, piano    Koch Intl     7084
23:56:00    00:03:03    John Dowland    Time stands still    La Nef        Michael Slattery, tenor    Atma     2650


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