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Frequently Asked Membership Questions


Learn more about Ideastream Public Media, the benefits of giving, and how to make the most of your membership!

If you don’t see an answer to your question, contact us online or by either of the methods below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Ideastream Public Media FAQs

What does Ideastream do?

Ideastream Public Media serves the people of Northeast Ohio as a trusted and dynamic multimedia source for illuminating the world around us. Publicly supported and locally owned, Ideastream Public Media is indispensable and highly valued for its unique ability to strengthen our community.

How do I provide feedback on programming?

You can contact our local staff online or by email at comments@ideastream.org. If you are looking to provide feedback on a national program, you should look for that program’s website, or contact us if you need help finding their information. You can submit comments to the NPR or PBS headquarters online at:

Does Ideastream Public Media need volunteers?

The organization is currently reviewing our need for volunteers to help with events, donor relations, and community engagement. At this time, we are not seeking new volunteers, but we are happy to add interested individuals to our list for future communications. Email membership@ideastream.org to add yourself to our volunteer pool.

How do I enter a drawing?

You do not need to contribute to Ideastream Public Media to enter a drawing. You can enter a drawing at any time by completing our Contest Entry Form during the specified period. You can also call 216-916-6116 to enter during our business hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Note, all sustaining members are automatically entered into all drawings.

You can check out our other rules for drawings and contests here.

When are your on-air pledge drives?

We have on-air campaigns scheduled periodically throughout the year to help support our mission. Our planned schedule is listed below. Please be aware these dates are subject to change.


  • June 1 – June 9, 2024
  • August 10 – August 18, 2024


  • June 13 – June 15, 2024
  • September 24 – September 30, 2024


  • April 18 – April 24, 2024
  • September 9 – September 14, 2024

How do I remove myself or someone else from your mailing/email list?

We don’t want to send communications that are unwelcome or unwanted. If you want to remove yourself or someone else from our mailing list, emails, or special communications, reach out to our membership team.

What are your office hours?

Our membership team is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Monday through Friday, except on observed holidays.

What is Ideastream Public Media’s Tax ID?

Our Tax ID is 34-1943865.

What is HD Radio? How can I receive an HD Signal?

HD radio is a technology founded in 2002 that allows a radio station to offer more than one channel of programming at the same location on the FM radio dial. These broadcasts can only be accessed on an HD radio.

Find out more about HD Radios and Ideastream’s HD broadcasts. Also, identify if your car is equipped with an HD Radio by reading our tip sheet.

I am having trouble receiving Ideastream’s channels on my TV or Radio.

We broadcast our stations, including WVIZ, WKSU, WCLV, Folk Alley, and JazzNEO, in many ways – from traditional radio and TV to a variety of digital platforms. If you are having trouble receiving a signal, we invite you to review other ways to tune in to our stations.

You can also review our troubleshooting guide for WVIZ online.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us online, email dialchange@ideastream.org, or call 216-916-6116 to talk to our audience services team about your experience.

Donation FAQs

How do I make a gift to Ideastream Public Media?

You can donate anytime online or over the phone at 800-473-2525. If you’d prefer to mail your donation, please send it to:

Ideastream Public Media
PO Box 974141
Cleveland, OH 44197-9936

Discover more ways to give here.

How can I support individual stations at Ideastream?

All gifts made to Ideastream Public Media or its stations through standard giving channels are considered to be gifts that support the organization as a whole and all the programming we offer. We are not able to divide our operating costs based on stations so we can not apply contributions to specific stations.

However, when you make your gift, you can always indicate if a specific station (WVIZ, WKSU, WCLV, or JazzNEO) inspired your gift to Ideastream. This information is used by the station to inform internal programming and budgeting decisions. Affiliations to individual stations are also reported to our national partners and are used to calculate our dues and fees to NPR and PBS.

If you are looking to donate to support Folk Alley, Western Reserve PBS, or another station, you should contact those organizations directly. If you have questions about how your gift to Ideastream Public Media is recorded, contact the membership team.

How can I show support for more than one station?

At this time, the best way to make a gift to more than one station is to make these gifts individually. If you are giving online, please make each gift and denote the station you want to support. If you are giving in the mail, please provide information on how much of your gift you’d like to support each station.

When should I expect to receive my thank you gift?

We always try to send out any thank you gifts as quickly as possible. However, many items associated with our programs require 4-6 weeks for fulfillment and delivery. If your gift has not been received within two months of your donation, contact the membership team to get an update.

Who answers the phone when I call in to make a donation?

Ideastream Public Media uses an outside service to help us make the donation process easier and more convenient for you. The people who help you make your gift are familiar with public media and have information on our station, the programs we’re broadcasting, and the thank you gifts being offered.

However, they do not have access to all our member information, and they may not be able to answer questions about your membership or specific programs. You can ask them to send our team a message, or you can call our office directly at 216-916-6116 to speak to someone about your current giving and all the promotions or gifts that may be available.

How can I cancel my donation?

You are completely in control of your giving to Ideastream Public Media. To cancel a recurring gift, simply contact us by email, phone, or online to let us know you would like to end your monthly donation.

If you would like a refund of your donations that have already been processed, please review our donation refund guidelines or contact us at 216-916-6116 to find out if you are eligible.

Membership FAQs

Why should I become a member?

There are a number of benefits associated with becoming a member of Ideastream Public Media. The single most important benefit of your support is the knowledge that you, in every real sense, are helping to keep your favorite programs on the air and ensuring that excellence will remain the hallmark of the shows we air. Ideastream Public Media is also a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, which means your contributions are tax-deductible, minus the fair market value (FMV) of any thank-you gifts or services you may receive.

Beyond that, all Ideastream Public Media members receive a digital program guide with the month’s program schedule and articles about special programs delivered to their inbox every month. Donors contributing $35 or more to the station can also receive this monthly guide in the mail.

Donors who contribute $60 or more to the station will also gain access to Ideastream Passport. Ideastream Passport provides donors extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming. This access cannot be purchased separately.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership is active for one full year from the date Ideastream Public Media processes your gift.

How can I get a copy of my tax receipt?

You can access a summary of your contributions to Ideastream Public Media along with information on the Fair Market Value of any thank you gifts you received in the MyMembership donor portal. These tax receipts become available after the 1st of the following calendar year.

Additionally, Ideastream Public Media will mail a copy of your annual contribution summary if you contribute $250 or more to the station in the tax year. If you don’t see this document, or would like to request one be sent, contact the membership team, and we’re happy to send one to your attention by post or email.

What information is included in my tax receipt from Ideastream Public Media?

Your annual donation summary from Ideastream Public Media includes all gifts of cash, check, credit card, or bank transfer made in the calendar year. This will not include in-kind donations or any gifts of a vehicle or real estate. Those donations are acknowledged by our partner organization who processes the gifts on our behalf. If you have not received the required documentation, contact the membership team and we will ensure that your information is provided to you.

Additionally, this list does not include any gifts made through a donor advised fund or IRA fund with a financial services firm. Generally speaking, these gifts will be acknowledged by the organization who processed the gift on your behalf. If you do need to receive something from Ideastream for your records, let us know and we will send you appropriate documentation.

Does my membership renew every time I make a gift?

Your Ideastream Public Media membership lasts one year from the date that you joined or made your last renewal gift. If you make an additional gift to the station within the first eight months of your membership, that contribution is considered to be an additional gift within your current membership year. If you would like to ensure that contribution provides you with another 12 months of benefits, let our team know when you make your gift, or reach out to us after your donation is processed.

If you have questions about when your membership expires, non-sustaining members can check their current expiration date in the MyMembership Donor Portal. All donors can also contact our membership team with questions on your membership status.

How do I renew my membership?

A gift of any amount made through any of our accepted giving methods during your renewal window will grant you an additional 12 months of membership. This window begins when you have 3 months remaining on your current membership year.

If you make a gift online, over the phone, or through the mail during this period, our team will match it with your existing account and provide you with another year of membership benefits with Ideastream Public Media. If your name or address has changed since you made your last gift, please let us know so that we can correctly maintain your information on a single-giving account.

Why did I receive notice to renew my membership when I still have months remaining from my last gift?

Renewing early simply ensures that you don’t miss any issues of your monthly Ideastream Public Media Program Guide, and it lets us know that we can count on your support for another year when we are making important programming decisions. Many people appreciate being reminded of their upcoming renewal so that they can incorporate their contribution into their household budget planning.

Renewing early will not cause you to lose any time from your current membership. We will simply extend your membership benefits for one year from your current anniversary date.

How can I receive the Ideastream Program Guide in the mail?

Donors who contribute $35 or more each year can elect to receive our monthly program guide in the mail.

Fill out our online request form or contact the membership team to be included in our mailing list.

Sustainer FAQs

What does it mean to be a sustaining donor?

Sustaining donors are people who make monthly gifts via Credit Card or EFT that automatically renew every year.

What is the benefit to making a monthly gift?

This type of support allows Ideastream to budget more effectively because we know these donations will be made to support our mission.

Many donors also find this way of giving to be more convenient since it allows a member to make a large impact in small monthly increments. You also have other benefits not available to all members:

  • Automatic entry in all drawings and contests.
  • Access to the “sustainer stream,” which allows for you to skip fundraising messages on WKSU during our donation drives.
  • Eligible to receive thank you gifts annually, including exclusive sustainer-only items.
  • Periodic gifts from the station, including stickers and notepads.

Can I receive a thank you gift as a sustaining donor?

Yes! Simply contact the membership department to receive any of the gifts we’re promoting on-air for your current monthly giving level. Sustaining Members are limited to one gift per calendar year without making a change to the existing pledged amount.

How do I update my payment information?

There are several easy ways to update the payment method associated with your monthly sustaining gift.

  1. Update your current membership using the MyMembership Donor Portal.
  2. Submit your new payment details using our online form.
  3. Call us anytime at 877-955-9959 or during business hours at 216-916-6116.

How do I change the amount of my gift?

You can use any of the methods listed above, or you can email us at membership@ideastream.org to let us know the amount you’d like to give monthly. We’ll use the payment method you have on file to make the change for your future monthly installments.

How do I cancel my sustaining gift?

You are in control of your giving to Ideastream Public Media. You can call, email, or mail a message to our team at any time to change, hold, or cancel your monthly gift. We will never pressure you to continue giving to our organization and will always apply these requests as immediately as possible to avoid additional donations being processed.

How can I access the Sustainer Stream?

The Pledge-Free Stream is currently available only for WKSU campaigns. Whenever we are fundraising on-air for the station, sustainers can log into the MyMembership Donor Portal and see a message on the home screen under “Membership News” with a link to access this special benefit!

MyMembership Donor Portal FAQs

What is the MyMembership donor portal?

The MyMembership donor portal is a tool you can use to proactively control your giving and membership information. In the portal, you can view your donation history for the past three years and access your tax receipts for the calendar year. You can also update the payment method used on your sustaining gifts, easily make a new donation, or increase your donation amount or update your contact information and communication preferences.

The donor portal is also used to deliver some of your membership benefits, including the digital program guide and the sustainer stream during our on-air fundraising campaigns.

Do I need to sign up for a donor portal account?

You do not need a MyMembership account to be an Ideastream Public Media member. Although this area will be helpful for accessing current information on your membership and giving to our station, your membership benefit will be constant regardless of your enrollment in the My Membership portal.

How do I receive a My Membership account?

You can request a My Membership account at any time by filling out the form here with your personal information and setting up your username, password, and security question. Once you submit this form, our team will match the information you provided with your membership account in our database and approve your access. We will match your account as soon as we can, but be aware it can take up to three business days.

After your account is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to sign in using the credentials on the form you submitted.

Why do I have to request an account?

Your My Membership account includes private information about your membership with Ideastream Public Media, including your contact information and your donation history. We take your privacy seriously and have this measure in place to prevent unauthorized access to your membership details.

Why do I need separate logins for Passport and the MyMembership donor portal?

Passport is a service that is managed by PBS on behalf of Ideastream and other member stations. Your log in and password for PBS is the same as what you use to log in to Passport. The MyMembership donor portal, in contrast, is managed by Ideastream directly and is linked to your membership account.

You can visit www.pbs.org/video to manage your Passport log in and changes to your MyMembership account status or log in credentials will not impact your Passport status in any way.

Passport FAQs

What is Passport?

Ideastream Passport is a member benefit that provides our supporters with extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming. This is one of the many benefits that Ideastream provides to all qualifying members — including WKSU and WCLV supporters.

Am I eligible to access Ideastream Passport?

Ideastream Passport is a member benefit available from Ideastream Public Media for members with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing monthly contribution of $5 or more. It cannot be purchased separately.

How do I activate my Passport account?

You can see our step-by-step instructions to activate Passport here. You will either need your token or specialized link, which are provided to you via email after you make a gift online, or you can check for an account using the email you used when you made your gift using the Passport Lookup tool. If you don’t have either of these pieces of information, contact the membership team.  

I am a member, but my Passport access isn’t working.

Although our goal is to have this service be as easy to use as possible, there are sometimes issues in the communication between Ideastream Public Media and the PBS system that manages donor access. Common issues include potential duplicate accounts and the use of a different log-in method.

If you are a member in good standing, contact the membership team to get help in troubleshooting your account or getting you set up on a new device.

Why are all PBS shows not available on Passport?

PBS must purchase streaming rights separately from television broadcast rights, and we are not always able to obtain the streaming rights for every program. As a result, our online content may be more limited than programs airing on your television.

While Passport does allow us to offer more content for online streaming, we are unable to offer every program for online streaming indefinitely.

Why are some devices unable to access the PBS App?

The PBS team is hard at work to expand the number of devices that can access the PBS App. The manufacturer of a Smart TV or streaming device sets the rules and requirements for offering an App on their platforms, and sometimes there is just additional work needed to bring these new devices online. Check in with PBS Help to find out if your device is eligible.

I have more questions!

Check out our internal Passport FAQ.

Visit PBS Help if you are experiencing a technical issue, submit a support ticket or call 844-532-9849 (Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-11 p.m. ET).


What is NPR+?

NPR+ is the name of NPR's podcasts subscription program, which offers convenient benefits like sponsor-free listening or bonus episodes of some of your favorite NPR podcasts. The program has two main parts: individual show subscriptions that are available via Apple Podcasts and plus.npr.org (examples include Planet Money+, Fresh Air+, Code Switch+, etc.) and the NPR+ podcast bundle, which includes all shows offering benefits within one subscription.

Am I eligible to access NPR+?

Supporters of Ideastream Public Media who contribute $96 or more each year (or at least $8 a month) can sign up to access NPR+.

Make a new donation for NPR+ now.

If you are a current member giving at this level, contact the membership team, and we can set you up with access to this special benefit!

I have more questions!

Check out NPR’s help page for more answers to common questions about this service.