Meet the Creators Behind the Valentines at American Greetings

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It can be difficult to put feelings to words, but greeting card writers take on the challenge of writing on behalf of everyone. For Valentine’s Day it’s all about love, and writers at American Greetings headquarters in Westlake craft messages for a wide variety of relationships.

“Everyone has their own definition of what love is,” said writer Anne McEvoy. “It is a very individual thing and love comes in all different stages.”

Writers pull inspiration for writing about love everywhere from pop culture to their own lives. They also try and craft messages you would actually say.

“We don’t just sit at our desk and try to write the most romantic-y, fluffy thing possible,” said writer Greg Vovos. 

Card creation at American Greetings usually starts with the copy. The writers compile a variety of selections for editors to peruse, some of which makes its way to the artists. Then they sketch designs to marry with the words and consider what colors and embellishments to incorporate.   

People often expect familiar symbols at Valentine’s Day, like hearts and roses, according to designer Racheal Koenig

“The challenge in designing for love is not reaching to the same symbols over and over again,” she said.

The whole life cycle of a card can take a year or longer from start to finish. The writers often don’t see what the artists developed with their prose until they head card shopping or, in some cases, receive a card.

Vovos experienced that one Valentine’s Day when his wife presented him with a card he wrote.

“I start reading it, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I wrote this card for you,”’ he said. “They took this card I wrote for wife and turned it into a husband card, and it worked.”

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