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The Sound of Ideas

Anti-Obesity Innovation

Posted Monday, November 1, 2010

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Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in America. That's why some of the best minds in the country are taking it on. Monday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll find out how they're doing. Advances in bariatric surgery have improved thousands of lives and nutrition science has opened new pathways to better health. But so far, drug therapy has failed to produce rewards that outweigh the risks. Join us for a discussion on what else might be on the horizon for treatment of public health enemy number one. Monday morning at 9:00 on The sound of ideas.


Health, Children's Health, Other, Community/Human Interest, Technology


Chris Coburn, executive director, Cleveland Clinic Innovation Center
Dr. Philip Schauer, Director, Cleveland Clinic Bariatric and Metabolic Institute
Karen Cooper, D.O., Bariatric Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

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scott Medwid 9:24 AM 11/1/10

I lost 70 pounds over 3 years with walking, limited snacking between meals and a breakfast 4 to 5 days a week that featured hulled hemp seeds.  I have maintained my fit size for 3 years with little extra effort other than keeping a stock of hemp seeds in the freezer.  My breakfast ingredents are: 1 diced apple (unpeeled) 1 medium carrot diced (washed, unpeeled) 5 table spoons of hulled hemp seeds (trade name: Hemp Hearts) and finally 1 cup of yogurt.  Mix it all up and eat it while listening to WCPN and read the Elyria Chronicle Telegram and the New York Times.  Hemp seeds have more required ammino acids and protiens than milk, meat or eggs.  They are also more easily digestible than soybeans.  I’m going to turn 50 next year and I can honestly say I do EVERYTHING better than I did when I was 25.  Look for Canadian Hemp products, they have the best quality on the planet.  Call my cell phone if you want to talk more, 440-935-0330. I’m shapening my chain saw because I,m cutting wood at my farm today.

Joane Johnson 9:37 AM 11/1/10

As a 61 yr old woman who COOKED for her husbsnd and three children, I chose how to feed my family as my daughter does now. She has a husband and four young children, 16 months to 8 yrs old.  Fast food was for a ‘treat’.  None of our children ever had a weight problem.  They played hard and my grandchildren do, now.  Yet, my son had his video games, too.  Still does at 37.  Works out, not over weight and is 6’6” tall.  My grandson, his nephew, is headed in that direction.  He is 8, in the 95% for his height 50% for his weight and he also plays his video games.  He played little league baseball this past summer and now plays soccer.  I have a problem with artificial anything for children, especially, sugar.  They get real sugar and will continue to.  I serve no prepackaged foods.  All or 99% of what is fed to them is home made from scratch.  Everyone looks at sugar but it is needed for brain development.  I know autism is on the rise and is hereditary but could a lack of sugar in a mother’s diet also trigger a possible recessive gene during gestation?  Too little, you can die.  Too much, ditto.  isn’t it a bit dangersous to name ‘sugar’ the culprit when it is such an important part of our development?  I remember the saccarin scare, spare me.

Pam Peters 9:42 AM 11/1/10

I have 2 friends that have had the surgery and both are back to their pre-surgery weight. I have read that this is why insurance companies don’t pay for the surgery because only 20% stay at a healthy weight post surgery. Both of my friends went thru all of the presurgery diet and exercise and neither will follow instructions. They wanted a quick fix.

Terry Caryer 9:43 AM 11/1/10

As a nurse I see many obese patients with horrendous complications. Leg wounds that are so severe that they can’t exercise to loose weight. How do these high risk patients benefit from bariatric surgery. Why don’t we do treat the obesity as well as the complications.

Dean Nieding 9:55 AM 11/1/10

All barking up the wrong tree.  The best way to avoid and reverse obesity is to eat exclusively a low fat, sugar and salt diet.  The cravings cease and you can eat as much as you want and you loose weigh. Caldwell Esselstyn (cleveland clinic MD) has a great diet.

DONNA PALUF 11:26 AM 11/1/10

I caught the end of the program this morning and heard the woman who said she could not find a physician based program.  At the risk of sounding like I am advertising, my siser-in-law, a registered & licensed dietician, is in a medical practice with Dr. Barbara Berkeley.  Weight Management Partners is the name. The website: will offer information. I know they are very patient-friendly. This may be helpful to the caller.


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