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The Sound of Ideas

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora Arrested

Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Four FBI agents knocked on the door of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora at his home in Independence this morning, then led him out in handcuffs and chains. The biggest and most defiant target of the two year corruption probe -- public official number one -- has been taken into custody. And he's not alone. Several others including Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judges Stephen Terry and Bridget McCafferty. Other big names: Former chief aid to Frank Russo, Samir Mohammed, and close associates Jerry Skuhrovec and Michael Gabor. Join us at 9 on 90.3 for the latest breaking news in the investigation.

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Marvin Fong/The Plain Dealer


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M.L. Schultze, News Director, WKSU
Peter Krouse, Courts Reporter, The Plain Dealer
Erick Trickey, senior editor, Cleveland magazine

Additional Information

Indictment overview (PDF)
Jimmy Dimora et al. indictment (PDF)
Samir Mohammad indictment (PDF)
Steven Terry indictment (PDF)
Michael Gabor indictment (PDF)
U.S. Department of Justice News Release on indictments (PDF)

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Kerry Smith 8:36 AM 9/15/10

Great to see justice continues to be served. however, you all hit on a very important point with regard to Judge McCafferty.  As a voter, are there other officials either named or indicted who are also still able to run this Fall?? I want to know if there are other candidates we need to know are focus on the corruption probe. Thank you!

Karen Hewson 8:54 AM 9/15/10

RE: new form of government
I think it is important to have safeguards against future corruption.  Beyond that, I believe that we need new thinkers, those who are willing to think of the future of our region.  There have been so many public officials who only think of their own interests and not beyond.  I believe this is what has hurt us for too long.

thanks29 9:02 AM 9/15/10

I just heard Judge For Yourself mentioned on the radio show as resource for voters. This resource was available the last time B. McCafferty ran, which was long after the July 2008 corruption case hit the news. Judge For Yourself identified McCafferty as not recommended and the worst candidate in the race, but she won anyway.

Thomas M. Herpel 9:27 AM 9/17/10

Sound of Ideas:
I listened to your show last week concerning research for cancer and the competition between the types of cancer. It was a very good show and I learned a lot, but I did listen with a different perspective. There was a book written by Louise B. Trull almost twenty years ago which has photocopies of pertenant information, including the test results showing a cure for 58 types of cancer, as tested by Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus Ohio. I do need to say that they tested it with a 5 day protocol first, against developer Sheridan’s suggestion. This test was a failure. That is why the American Cancer Society can say that Cancell was tested and failed. However, it was then tested with a longer protocol, allowing the medicine to do its work (I think that this was 22 days).
I recently talked Lynn Ayers from the American Cancer Society of Ohio into reading the book. She was surprised to see that she now agrees that this is a probable cure for cancer. She asked the research scientist that she works with most about it. He was angry with her that she would suggest that he would allow family and co-workers to die while there would be a cure. She said that these guys have egos, and you can’t tell them what to work on, so she has no choice but to continue writing checks for the research that they do.
Please read the book and follow your heart, wherever it leads. It is possible that you will see that while we are busy researching different kinds of cancer, James Sheridan has found enough common ground in the nucleus of those cells to apply one medicine to work at different levels of effection, but successful.
Thank you; Tom Herpel


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