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The Sound of Ideas

A Congressional Townhall Meeting

Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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A Congressional Townhall Meeting Ohio's congressional leaders are back in the state for the August recess and meeting with constituents. We'll have at least three of them as guests: Democratic Representatives Marcia Fudge, Marcy Kaptur and Betty Sutton. No Republican members of the Ohio delegation were willing or available to be on. Will they pass healthcare reform legislation when they return to Washington and what kind of health care will it be? Is the economic stimulus package working? How many jobs has it created in Ohio so far? Is "Cash for Clunkers" the best use for our tax money? Join us for answers and bring your questions, tomorrow at 9 a.m.




Rep. Marcia Fudge (OH-11)
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)
Rep. Betty Sutton (OH-13)

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gina lawson 3:11 PM 8/11/09

I am very dissapointed that none of you ladies have the courage to meet with the very people you SERVE face to face! Hopefully you All won’t have to worry about US much longer afer the mid-term elections! Stay out of our live, just follow the CONSTITUTION that you ALL SWORE TO UPHOLD!!!!

John Gall 8:01 AM 8/12/09

The AARP states that this bill will be paid for by about $500 billion in cuts from Medicare and Medicaid.  I do not see how you will strengthen healthcare when you will add 46 million more people into the system and cut these programs.  Can you explain this incongruity?  Can you explain the Congressional Budget Office prediction that this bill will cost $1.04 trillion over the next ten years and specifically how the taxpayers of this country are going to pay for it?  In light of the 700 billion dollar bailout, the 789 billion dollar stimulus plan, the 410 billion dollar omnibus bill, and continuing military appropriations for FY2009 of 106 billion dollars, why do you feel that the American taxpayer need to be burdened with additional taxation for this government run healthcare plan?

Bethany Baragry 8:25 AM 8/12/09

As I am listening to your program and I hear the congresswoman saying well taking language out of context and all that and the size of the bill. Maybe less distrust were hover out there if (A.) the bill it self was shortened by clear, concise language and (B.) remove the double talk.

Mark from Mayfield 8:28 AM 8/12/09

Not to put to fine a point on it the guy you had on around the 9:15 mark about page 16 of the health care bill is flat out false (just like his other page reference that he made).  Below I will provide a link which is just one of many I could send showing that these are false talking points of the birthers/teabaggers who are trying to drown out the discussion of this bill with falsehoods.  The second link is to the bill so you can check the pages yourself and see that he was simply not telling the truth. Page 16 very clearly says the exact opposite of what your caller claimed.

Judy Reynolds 8:30 AM 8/12/09

Why is there no TORT reform in HR3200 which is one of the largest cost increasing factors in health insurance.

Bethany Baragry 8:46 AM 8/12/09

My comment is why do we have to have a doctor tell you that you are obese. There is enough information out there to tell people without going to a doctor how to live healthy. This is a choice they make, just like the cable television is more important than health care to them. Lastly, all of you are making the assumption that everyone who has a terminal illness is going to exhaust as much money as than can to live longer. Not everyone thinks that way.

George Jackson 8:49 AM 8/12/09

I would like someone to tell me how I will be able to keep my insurance if my company decides to drop it because there is now a government option. Why should my employer pay for something that his employees can get elsewhere.

Bethany Baragry 8:50 AM 8/12/09

Last comment. The gentleman who cut his hand and went to the emergency room. I am not aware of a general practioner that you can get into on an emergency situation if you need stitches. Perhaps we should just stitch up ourselves.

John Gall 9:31 AM 8/12/09

Rep Sutton just claimed that preventative medicine will save taxpayer dollars.  The CBO just refuted that notion. See Washington Post August 8, 2009, Expanding Preventive Care May Add to Costs, CBO Says

In a letter to leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, CBO director Douglas W. Elmendorf said the evidence suggests that the cost of making services such as cancer screening, cholesterol management, vaccinations and wellness training broadly available would far outweigh any savings ultimately generated.

The director cited a study published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine that found that “slightly fewer than 20 percent of [preventive] services that were examined save money, while the rest add to costs.”

Since she is a member of this committee, why did she misrepresent this fact to your listeners?

Tom 3:05 PM 8/12/09

One problem with the message from Congress is the inconsistency.  Congresswoman Fudge illustraded this in 2 almost back to back sentences.  First she said that the plan would cut costs by eliminating unnecessary procedures, among other things.  Then she turned around a derided an insurance company for refusing to pay for what they deemed an unnecessary procedure.  If the cost cutting goals are to be met, congress will need a curmudgeon that is even meaner than the insurance companies when it comes to refusing unnecessary procedures.

The cost cutting seems to depend on eliminating unnecessary medical procedures.  Because mine are all necessary, we must be talking about cutting care to “the other guy.” On the other hand, the cost of the program will be paid by “the other guy,” namely the rich.  We all know that in the end “the other guy” always turns out to be us, the middle class.

Mary 8:26 AM 8/18/09

I’m a disabled Veteran and terrified of this mess please do us all a favor… Read these e-mails take normal folk seriously and have a backbone and listen to us as you sit in a building by your seld as you have this secluded, very lame ‘Town Hall Meeting..You do not have my vote your not representing me and this is just flat out wrong… Stop this maddness… From a person who can see all this hyproctsy


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