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Here's an eye-opener about our lack of shut-eye: Sleep deprivation is costing Americans $411 billion in lost revenue, a new study says. On The Sound of Ideas, after you've had a good night's sleep, join us for a science cafe discussion on sleep's relationship to work. Then, holiday gatherings may be the perfect opporunity to have difficult conversations with aging parents about their future. Plus, we'll meet a local applesauce tycoon. Yeah, applesauce.


-June Pilcher, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, Clemson University

-Diane Bergeron, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

-David Foley, Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Cleveland State University School of Nursing

-Erin Eurenius, Esq. CPA, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, Butcher Elder Law

-Jennifer Beach, Aging Life Care Professional, Aging Life Care Association

-Ethan Holmes, CEO and Founder, Holmes Applesauce

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