Project Icebreaker Seeking Permit from State Board

Image: Henryk Sadura/
Image: Henryk Sadura/
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The plan to build a pilot wind farm in Lake Erie off the Cleveland shore is progressing.  The company created to build the wind farm, Icebreaker Windpower Inc, has filed formal applications with the Ohio Power Siting Board, which regulates the building of wind farms.      Icebreaker calls for the construction of six wind turbines located eight to 10 miles northwest of downtown in the open lake waters. It is a pilot project, so if things run smoothly, we might see more turbines and more renewable power coming from the lake. Birding groups, by the way, are concerned about the impact this might have on wildlife, and that's one of the issues that will be worked through as the project progresses.


Dr. Lorry Wagner, Ph.D., President, Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation 

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