Why Is Cuyahoga County's Juvenile Detention Center Using New Medical Provider?

Cuyahoga County's Juvenile Detention Center
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Thanks for joining us, Happy New Year, and all of us here at ideastream hope you had a safe and restful holiday season.

On today's program, we are going to get an update on several stories from around Northeast Ohio, which may have slipped under your news radar the last few weeks.

The holidays take center stage for most of us, and the battle in Washington over the next stimulus package has been grabbing many, if not most of the headlines.

Today, we'll spend some time talking with ideastream's Matt Richmond, first about a story regarding a contract with Cuyahoga County's Juvenile Detention Center. The new medical provider at that facility has a troubled history, and Matt will fill us in.

We'll also get the latest of how some correctional facilities in Ohio are approaching COVID-19 vaccinations among staff and inmate populations.

Finally, we touch on what Governor Mike DeWine had to say at his final COVID-19 briefing of 2020. Even as vaccines were being distributed last month, there was some disappointment from the Governor’s office on how slowly the rollout has been taking place. 

Later in the hour, we'll hear about a new book that critiques our society's view of laziness. It argues that American’s Protestant work ethic is unhealthy, and we could all use some perspective.

Just in time to motivate you and your New Year's resolutions.

And lastly, David C. Barnett looks back at the career of Harvey Webster, as he prepares to retire as Chief Wildlife Officer of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

He was the face of the museum to many, an ambassador that reached out to the community, and could be heard frequently, on programs here on 90.3 WCPN.


- Matt Richmond, Reporter, ideastream

- Devon Price, PhD, Social Psychologist and author of "Laziness Does Not Exist"

- Taylor Haggerty, Repoter, ideastream

- Harvey Webster, Chief Wildlife Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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