The Revolving Door of Work: What to Do If You’re Headed Out and How to Get Back In

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We received an email from one of the possible 2,000 National City employees who may lose their job soon due to the pending sale to PNC:

"My boss called each one of his employees into his office one at a time last week. After he closed the door he explained to each of us what the severance package "WOULD" be if we were to lose our jobs.
The good news is that the package for someone in my position is generous, and I am grateful.
The bad news is I don't know who is getting laid off and I don't know WHEN we will be told.
So I come in each day, and try to stay focused on my clients and on my work, but I sit here and wait…. And wait… and wait…. It feels like life is on hold.
Sometimes I think it is easier to be at work because I am busy, busy, busy, with clients and preparing for yearend deadlines. When I walk out of the bank at night, the reality of the cost of living and the dead job market in Cleveland slams into my face like the wind whipping down Ninth Street! I go home to a full mailbox that includes bills, catalogs that I won't be using this holiday season, and solicitations from charities that I will not answer. A few days after the announcement was made that PNC had purchased NCB, I cancelled all hair appointments, memberships, and even monthly donations to public radio!
My mind can go from zero to 60 in about 10 seconds. Today, I am working at a bank with a steady income and a retirement savings plan and health insurance. Tomorrow, I am living in my car having defaulted on my mortgage…. Or worse, I am living with my mother!
To prepare for being laid off:
· I am watching my everyday expenditures closely and cutting out extras.
· My resume is always updated, but I have made some small adjustments.
· I continue to attend all events that are on my calendar, and I talk to people I know. They may not be able to help me, but they might know someone who might be able to help me.
· I put the word out that I might be looking for a job in the near future. I don't want to start aggressively looking because if given the opportunity to keep my current job, I will. And I don't want to waste others' time and energy trying to help me when I may not need the help. But I want people to be aware that I am in this situation, waiting to hear, and that I may call them to ask for their assistance at some point."


Sarah Needleman, Careers Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
Ralph Dise, President & CEO, Dise & Company, Human Resource Consulting
Elizabeth Mansfield, Looking for a job in Cleveland market

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