Cleveland Begins Fines For Violation Of Trash And Recycling Rules; Red Light Camera Study

Two people place glass and plastic bottles into a recycling bin. [spwidoff, Shutterstock]
As of August 1, 2018, Cleveland will be fining people $100 if they fail to recycle properly. [spwidoff, Shutterstock]
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On August 1, the City of Cleveland started slapping fines on residents who can't get recycling right. Tossing the wrong trash into the recycling bin can resuilt in a $100 fine. The fines come after a two-year grace period meant to give residents time to learn the right way to recycle. The folks in charge of recycling for the city discuss the rationale behind the approach.   Later, a new study finds redlight cameras don't make streets safer. Plus, Ohio State puts Urban Meyer on paid leave.

Listener Note: We had a lot of engagement in our discussion on the MeToo movement and allegations leveled against Concertmaster William Preucil of the Cleveland Orchestra.   Listen to the Full Episode.

John emailed us: "My concern is that the men are not being treated according to the law in our USA. They are assumed guilty before any investigation.  And, let's assume that the men are guilty of misbehavior. Why? It seems that the men need psychiatric help. And what has happened to forgiveness. 

On Twitter, Aiden said: "Now THIS is how you put together a panel on women's issues. Thanks for facilitating this important discussion."


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Michael Cox, Director of Public Works, City of Cleveland  
Kristin Hall, Director, City of Cleveland Mayor's Office of Sustainability 
Justin Gallagher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Economics, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University  
Laura Hancock, Reporter, 

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