2nd Presidential Debate & The Science of Voters

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
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We're now in the final month of what seems like the eternal presidential race of 2016. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, face each other in a townhall-style debate Sunday, the second of three scheduled debates. We'll offer expert analysis and seek your opinions on what the candidates say and how they say it, Monday on The Sound of Ideas. Then, the science behind political science in 2016.




Science Cafe: The Scientific Study of Voters: Culture Wars, Gender Gaps and Other Divisions in the 2016 Presidential Electorate 

October 10th at the Music Box Supper Club Concert Hall, 7:00 pm, Doors open at 5:30pm. Free admission. 

Ryan L. Claassen, PhD
Professor of Political Science at Kent State University and author of the Cambridge University Press book, Godless Democrats and Pious Republicans

John C. Green, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Political Science at University of Akron, Senior Fellow with the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life


-John Green, Ph.D., Director, Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, University of Akron
-Ryan Claassen, Ph.D., Professor Political Science, Kent State University
-Kathryn Lavelle, Ph.D., Professor World Affairs, Case Western Reserve University
-Matt Cox, Founder, President, Capitol Partners

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