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The Sound of Ideas

The Return of LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat

Posted Thursday, December 2, 2010

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The Return of LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat LeBron James promised to bring Cleveland an NBA championship before taking his talents to South Beach. Instead, he jilted Cleveland and his fans on national television. Will his return turn ugly, too? On the next Sound of Ideas, we're going to vent and talk about how we should react to the fallen King's return. A chorus of boos? Deafening silence? Or perhaps some very pointed answers to his TV commercial question: "What should I do?" Thursday at 9 on 90.3



Tad Carper, Vice President of Communications, Cleveland Cavaliers
Jimi Izrael, NPR contributor and author of "The Denzel Principle"
Andy Baskin, Sports Director, WEWS

Additional Information

Cleveland Awaits LeBron's Return
Miami Heat's LeBron James ready for `emotionally draining' return

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joseph 2:30 PM 12/1/10

I don’t really follow basketball or sports in general.  But I don’t understand why everyone in Cleveland seems to hate Lebron now.  Let’s see.  He played in Cleveland for 7 years.  He likely could have gone anywhere for those 7 years.  But he stayed herein NE Ohio.  No championship rings.  Can we really blame one player for that?  Now he has decided to go to Miami.  Hmm, if I were 25 years old and wealthy, I could not think of a more fun place to be.  South Beach is sure a lot more fun than Cleveland. Yet sports casters and talk show hosts alike in the Cleveland vilify him.  My first response:  Have fun in South Beach.  Beyond that, I would expect to hear Deafening Silence....

Helen Zinnober 3:03 PM 12/1/10

I do pronounce name of Mr. James with gratitude for his superb talent, hard work, and years of delight that he brought to Cleveland. I wish him the best only, tomorrow’s game is no exception. He is a free man in the free country and can choose workplace freely. LeBron James was “damaged” when he went to play for Team USA. For the first time in his professional life, he experienced how productive and joyful the game of basketball could be under the tutelage of talented person. Coach K is highly intelligent; he can enrich players not only with new and better understanding of their craft, but also improve them in every possible regard. How Mike Brown measured up to the coaching standard on the Team USA? Did any of your listeners ever work for incompetent boss? Did any of listeners quit company they worked for? Did they experience a public condemnation for doing so? Mike Jordan is a benchmark for evaluation of a player; thus, for fairness of comparison, Phil Jackson has to be a benchmark for evaluating a coach. The reference point does exist. It is Shannon Brown who idled on the bench in Cleveland; in LA, he was developed to become a valuable role player and contributes in every game.
Blessed with once in the century talent and with financial security, LeBron can flout his CEO the way the rest of us can only envy. Pitiful boss Mr. Gilbert hired and sustained incompetent coach Brown. Mr. Gilbert is to blame for a lack of success. Having worked under bosses with different abilities, I can definitively state: any amount of capabilities on the team will be negated by stupid leader. Any working man has to feel kinship with Mr. James, who did not realize own and his coworkers potential to the fullest because of bad team leadership. 
NPR is supposed to have discussions in unconventional ways and in the deeper level than other media sources. I challenge you to discuss LeBron James from the angle, which was hardly taken in any media outlets. Do you have any courage to discuss coaching? It appears to be a forbidden subject.

Arnold Dahm 9:42 AM 12/2/10

I would like to see LeBron regain his fan base.  Let’s all admit that we make mistakes, especially when we are young.  My advice to LeBron is to make an announcement to the fans before the game apologizing for the way he announced his decision to leave Cleveland and thanking the fans for their support for the seven years he played for the Cavs.


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