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The Sound of Ideas

Weekly Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Legislative redistricting is upon us; both Democrats and Republicans are offering up plans to make the process a little less partisan. Recalls involving millions of vehicles have Toyota scrambling to keep customers on the road. When it comes to inter-modal shipping, Cleveland is in danger of declining from juggernaut to jerkwater. Why is northeast Ohio losing clout as a crossroads of commerce? Join us for the weekly roundtable Thursday at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.


Arts and Culture, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest


Jay Miller, Crain's Cleveland Business
Joe Guillen, The Plain Dealer Columbus bureau
Robert Schoenberger, The Plain Dealer
Evalyn Gates, PhD, just named CEO of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Additional Information

Cuyahoga County transition team promises public meetings.

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Laura Wood 9:31 AM 2/11/10

I’m wondering why the guests are so surprised at the way the task force leadership members are handling the new county configuration planning? The same old people with ties to the “old” county configuration are making the decisions. What happened to a “new day” in county politics that we all voted in with Issue 6? I don’t see any new faces on the committee rosters, and know of people who have volunteered but have never been contacted. Cuyahoga County won’t break out of the rut it is in by doing the same old thing with the same old people.

Tom 9:33 AM 2/11/10

It’s ludicrous to expect that any media, let alone our local media, as obsessed as it is with fomenting conflict to sell papers or whatever product sponsors the show, can honestly lead the people’s interest on this openness issue.

Because the leaders who have been entrusted to direct the transition have no reason to trust the objectivity of the press which has covered them for years, how or why should they do so now.  We have changed the entire form of county government, in a transparent way, by the ballot.  Now the hard work of putting the pieces back together falls to a few leaders who earned the right, by supporting Issue 6 and the changes it brought.

If the national health care debate demonstrates anything, it’s that “the people” want nothing to do with actually watching the sausage get made. 

Let them do their work, report on it, but don’t let your inherent bias toward conflict influence the reporting.

Tom Harkness

Jim 9:36 AM 2/11/10

Bear in mind this great irony: the very document that gives us the First Amendment, the unfettered press and the openness of government that has sprang therefrom, was itself incubated in the strictest of secrecy. The nature and creation of the U.S. Constitution was a mystery to the young nation’s electorate until it was delivered, whole-piece, to the states for ratification.

The great difference? That electorate, by and large, trusted the representatives it sent to the constitutional convention. The same cannot be said of anything that transpires in Cuyahoga County, more’s the pity.

Jim in Avon

James 2:13 PM 2/11/10

I see two issues here.  One is that Toyota is not practicing what they preach, namely Kaizen or Lean Six Sigma management philosophy.

The other is computer controls and sensors on every automotive system.  The automobile is a hostile environment with heat, humidity, dirt, ice, rain, road salt, etc.

Everyone says how easy it is to just put the transmission into neutral.  Well, what if the transmission refuses to obey your control input?  What if the brakes also fail to engage due to a malfunction of the antilock controls?  What if the ignition switch won’t turn off the ignition?  That doesn’t leave you a lot of options.

Unless you have a good old fashioned mechanical gearshift and clutch if something like a sensor failure or a software malfunction causes the car to stop responding to driver input there’s not much the driver can do to control the vehicle.

Very truly yours,

James W. Adams
Columbus, OH

Steve, Cleveland 2:15 PM 2/11/10

Jim’s comments about the “appropriate” secrecy surrounding the US Constitutional convention and trust in those representatives fails to take into the account that in the 1770’s, the delegates represented only the upper 10% property owning class, and that literacy rates among Americans then hovered below 50%.

Steve Bloomfield


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