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The Sound of Ideas

A Forum on Ohio Issue 3

Posted Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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A Forum on Ohio Issue 3 The latest polls show that almost 60 percent of Ohioans favor a Constitutional Amendment to allow casino gambling in the state. Similar proposals have been rejected four times in the past, but the recession seems to be lossening voter opposition. Wednesday morning at 9, we continue our coverage of the November ballot with a forum on Issue 3. Advocates say casinos would be the economic boost the state needs. A diverse group of opponents have evidence to the contrary. And both sides are funded by gambling interests. We'll hear from them all so you can make up your own mind.


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Bill Cohen Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau
Brian Rothenberg Executive Director, ProgressOhio
Dan Gilbert Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and aspiring casino developer

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Palmo 7:02 AM 10/7/09

How many times do we have to vote this issue out? Ohioans have proven again and again that we don’t want gambling in our state. Please don’t believe the hype. The only one who really benefits from gambling is the casino owner. Vote NO on Issue 3. AGAIN.

Josh 7:07 AM 10/7/09

If just a handful of casinos are allowed in Ohio by law...and those companies are contributing hundreds of millions of dollars into state coffers...doesn’t that create an inordinate amount of undue political influence? Why should Ohio citizens voluntarily introduce a system that would create MORE of what we already have too much of.

Fred 7:41 AM 10/7/09

Would you please cover the issue of cash betting?  Seems to be a lot of misinformation out there. 

Seems the confusion is over the definition of casino revenue that will be taxed as “the total amount of money exchanged for the purchase of chips, tokens, tickets, electronic cards, or similar objects by casino patrons, less winnings paid to wagerers.”

Opponents say this excludes cash directly wagered.  Proponents say even when dollars are directly bet, they are converted to electronic credits that will be taxed.  So does this law include all cash bet, or does it exclude that not exchanged for chips or tokens?  Who is right?

Jason 8:38 AM 10/7/09

The issue will fail. No matter how they put the package together.  I won’t mind if it would pass. But, last night I was at the gas station there was seven people in line for the Mega Millions spending hundreds of dollars there. So, I don’t see the be deal of gambling in Ohio. Its already here.

Veronica 8:48 AM 10/7/09

My in-laws go once a month out of state to Pennsylvania and New York to go to casinos to gamble. It is their little getaway. Have you been to any out of state casinos? The majority of license plates are from Ohio. If you want to gamble, you’ll gamble. It’s just a matter of whether it’s in Ohio or another state. Why is this even an issue? Don’t we have better things to do? I’ve never been to a casino where everything around it died. if anything, restaurants and other businesses sprung up around the casinos.

Buttercup 9:02 AM 10/7/09

Isn’t it too late to get in the “game” so to speak? (gaming industry) How much money is there to go around?  Why would we think this could be a cureall for our economy?  I doubt it.  The flats are empty, downtown retail is empty, why would people suddenly come to Cleveland to gamble?

Sean 9:09 AM 10/7/09

Ohio needs a shot in the arm! I’m not a gambler, but those who do are spending their dollars in ALL of the states surrounding Ohio. The city of Windsor earns over a million dollars a day from its casino.
I’m sure that Ohio could use ANY additional revenue especially in this time of economic woe

Bill 11:01 AM 10/26/09

I can hardly wait to vote YES on issue 3 and follow Detroit’s lead into prosperity and urban renewal!

Don 8:45 PM 10/29/09

This is definitely not the economic climate in which to pursue money for our state officials to balance our budget. They need to concentrate on making our government more efficient and effective with what they have. After all, how much government do we really need? Why should four cities be chosen to directly benefit from the casinos? Let’s put slot machines in bars and restaurants and meeting rooms of our fraternal organizations then. Not just four chosen Ohio cities. Many schools have bingo to supplement their budgets. A lot of that will disappear. What will they then resort to? Our state run lottery could put more money on the coffers if they would cut the overhead of state created jobs to oversee its administration. Just a bunch of suits that go to meetings, check their email, then go to lunch, go to another meeting, check their email, then go home and get paid big bucks! Now we are going to have more of that! C’mon, it’s time our legislators act like legislators. Let’s work to improve our economic climate by creating jobs. Bring back the manufacturing you have sent overseas. Send all illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Round up all of those who are in this country on expired visas and send them back to where they came from. Let’s get back to the basics here. If people are working they are paying taxes. Let’s take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Let’s take care of those who can help themselves and others. We don’t need casinos for that.

Wofman 1:14 AM 11/5/09

Get off the negative must all be from cleavageland..everyone in north america knows how negative people from cleveland are.Casino’s bring people with money to them it also brings in security for the neighborhoods they are in as well as new business’ that want a piece of the pie.You should all he had a salt free V8 this morning!.


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