Attorney General Mike DeWine Files Lawsuit Against Rover Pipeline

Site of Rover spill near Navarre, Ohio. [Matt Richmond / ideastream]

The state of Ohio is suing the company building the Rover Pipeline, a 713-mile natural gas line that runs across the middle of the state on its way to Michigan. 

The state attorney general’s office filed the lawsuit Friday in Stark County, the site of Rover’s two-million-gallon drilling mud spill.

The AG’s office is seeking an unspecified amount of damages from the company. Ohio EPA issued Rover a fine of $2.3 million earlier this year. The state also wants the company to reimburse it for legal fees and to apply for an additional water permit.

The Dallas-based company has so far refused to pay the fine or apply for the permit on grounds that the state is overstepping its authority. They have an appeal of the Ohio EPA’s orders pending at the state’s Environmental Review Appeals Commission.

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