Appeals Court To Weigh Rulings On Gay Marriages photo by Susan von Struensee photo by Susan von Struensee
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Ohio’s cases are Cincinnati-based. After marrying his dying spouse in Maryland Jim Obergefell filed suit to be listed on John Arthur’s death certificate. A federal judge gave him that right. Then Obergefell’s attorney, Al Gerhardstein, filed another lawsuit on behalf of 4 same-sex couples, asking that both parents be listed on their kids birth certificates.

“Here in Ohio, in light of our judiciary, and the hurdles we will have to face, we think it’s better to go step by step," says Gerhardstein.

A federal judge also ruled in their favor.

Ohio’s Attorney General is appealing the cases. An appeals court will hear Ohio’s cases as well as ones from Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan over the right to marry and to have out of state same-sex marriages recognized.

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