Youngstown NAACP Grades New School District CEO

Krish Mohip speaks on his first day on the job. [photo: Michelle Faust/ ideastream]
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The CEO overseeing Youngstown City Schools has been in his position for 6 months.

Now, the Youngstown NAACP chapter gives Krish Mohip 3 As, 2 Cs, and an D on his first report card.

“Well, he’s coming in on the right foot. He's meeting with almost anybody and everybody in the community. Some people think he's meeting too much and not moving fast enough on the ground,” says Jimma McWilson, Vice President of the Youngstown chapter.

McWilson says it takes time to turn the failing district around, and the civil rights group will continue to follow the CEO's progress.

“Coming in to a new town, new place, and into a school district that's not only one of the worst in the county, but one of the worst in the state, and has been for over 20 years, you won't make that turn in 180 days,” says McWilson.

The C grade is for his timing in responding to public requests.

Mohip got a D grade for his handling of East High School. The chapter wants to see new hires to address problems in the school.

Youngtown City Schools was the first district in the state to get a CEO under House Bill 70. The CEO has the powers of a superintendent and school board.

Mohip worked as an administrator in Chicago Public Schools before he took the position in Youngstown this summer.

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