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Ancient Builders of the Amazon Preview

NOVA brings you stories from the frontlines of science and engineering, answering the big questions of today and tomorrow, from how our ancestors lived, to whether parallel universes exist, to how technology will transform our lives. Visit the official website to watch full-length documentaries, or explore our world through short-form video, on our digital publication NOVA Next.

Archaeological discoveries reveal traces of ancient civilizations in the Amazon.
A visionary scientist investigates the deep history of astronomy in West Africa.
Thousands race to build Europe's biggest construction project–London's new railroad.
Major funding for NOVA is provided by the NOVA Science Trust, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS viewers.
Meet one of the ocean’s most beautiful and destructive species: Lionfish.
Psychedelics are unlocking new ways to treat conditions like addiction and depression.
Is artificial intelligence making policing and courts fairer, or is it increasing bias?
Discover how the concepts of zero and infinity revolutionized mathematics.
Can innovative engineering projects save Venice?
Who created the Nazca lines and why? New clues to one of the greatest ancient enigmas.
Can innovative drugs and therapies finally end HIV?
What exactly is crypto, and how does it work? This technology is more than just money.
Discover how NASA engineers built and launched the most ambitious telescope of all time.
Ancient footprints provide new evidence of humans and extinct giant beasts of the Ice Age.
How could a single ship cause a major supply chain crisis around the globe?
Follow three women enrolled in a new study to try to prevent Alzheimer’s.
He discussed the first crewed Apollo mission, Apollo 7, with NOVA in 1998.
Can we rely on them to be fair?
Geologists attempt to restore limestone at Notre Dame Cathedral after a fire.
In 2023 the exploration continues.
The advancement could help pave the way for new energy sources.
Apoorva Panidapu earned the moniker “the human calculator” for her math skills.
Glass experts uncover the South Rose window’s hidden past.
Researchers drilled in the Kap København formation in Greenland to collect soil samples.
An artist and a tech entrepreneur invented the non-fungible token, or NFT, in 24 hours.
At the Hilbert’s Hotel, there’s always room for one more.