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Preview of Dogs in the Wild: Defending Wild Dogs

NATURE brings the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home, becoming in the process the benchmark for natural history programs.

Join scientists as they go to extraordinary lengths to understand wild dogs.
How do wild dogs survive and thrive in the wild?
There are 10,000 foxes living in London, so rivalries aren't uncommon.
Major support for NATURE is provided by the Arnhold Foundation, The Fairweather Foundation, Kate W. Cassidy Foundation, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III, Kathy Chiao and Ken Hao, Charles Rosenblum, Sarah and Sandra Lyu in memory of Seung and Dorothy Lyu, Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation, Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, Gregg Peters Monsees Foundation, Koo and Patricia Yuen, Arlene and Milton D. Berkman, Sandra Atlas Bass, Bradley L. Goldberg Family Foundation, The Hite Foundation, by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by Viewers Like You.
The influence the sun and moon have on the seasons and the tides.
How humans have tried to harness nature, from use of fire to the building of nuclear bombs
The great escape artists of the wild, with a remarkable bag of tricks.
Journey from Canada’s Arctic to the boreal forest and discover how animals survive.
Follow the great wildebeest migration in East Africa, one of nature’s most amazing events.
Journey to Lapland, where tales of Santa Claus mingle with hearty wildlife.
Dive deep into South Texas to meet one of America’s most endangered cats: the ocelot.
Get an intimate look at what makes woodpeckers so special. Narrated by Paul Giamatti.
Filmmakers take a dive of a lifetime to learn about the location's fantastic creatures.
Exploration of Puget Sound's ecosystem.
Brazilian primates face extinction.
Researchers and filmmakers produce the first comprehensive film chronicle of the jaguar.
Join a fennec fox as it hunts for food in its extreme climate.
To survive in the forests of southern India, dholes must work together.
Meet the many species of canids, the family of wild dogs.
A dugong in the Philippines has two sets of companions: one is welcome, the other is not.
When mating, a male opalescent squid grabs a female and his tentacles flush red.
Dipper chicks are ready to fledge but a storm transforms the river into a raging torrent.
Capercaillies have an intimate relationship with the Scots Pine.
Experience the soul of the ocean in a never-before-seen look at life underwater.
Immerse yourself in Scotland with its magnificent 500-year-old Scots pine tree.
Adélie penguins have a bad habit of annoying their royal relatives.