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Your Answers: What steps do you take to get a good night's rest?

We learned about the importance of sleep in this Spot on Science. Then we asked you to write to us:  What steps do you take to make sure you get a good night's rest?

“The steps I take to get a good night's rest is to sleep nicely and dream of myself playing soccer. I would avoid napping in the late afternoon or evening, and of course, I would follow a regular sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep helps me stay healthy and alert. But, many older people don’t sleep well. If I'm always sleepy or I find it hard to get enough sleep at night, it may be time to see a doctor. Waking up every day feeling tired is a sign that I am not getting the rest I need. I can catch some Z's, too!”

— Pratyush at Sharonville Elementary in Sharonville

“I go to bed at 9 p.m. I watch something I don't like, so it motivates me to fall to sleep, so I don't have to watch it.”

— Kennedy at Middlebranch Elementary in Canton


“I go to bed at 9 o'clock with an eye mask on and watch something like ‘Gabby’s Dollhouse.’ I fall to sleep super fast and snore or at least my sister says so. By the way, me and Kennedy are sisters.”

— Katelyn at Middlebranch Elementary in Canton

“These are the steps I take so I can get a good night's rest:

1. Not eating food with sugar! It will affect the way you are sleeping.

2. Deep breathing and meditation. It slows down your heart rate so I can fall asleep!

3. I don't drink caffeine before bed. It will keep me awake!

These are the things that I do to get a good night's rest!”

—  Evelyn at Nord Middle School in Amherst:

“Some steps I take to get a good night’s sleep are that before bed I brush my teeth and my dad comes in and we talk about the day. I say my prayer and make a bed for my dog, Delly. I tuck myself under the sheets and read for a little to rest my eyes. I then turn on my night light and my room light off. Those are some steps I do to get a good night's rest.”

— Mark from Greentown Intermediate in North Canton

“For me to get a good night’s rest, I would first take a drink of milk. Then I will brush my teeth after brushing my hair. And finally, listen to meditation music to fall asleep. This is what I do every night and then I come to school ready to learn!”

— Jaycee from Jefferson Elementary in Jefferson

“My first step in getting a good night's sleep is I always cuddle with my favorite stuffed animal. My second step would be to read for a couple of minutes until I get a little bit sleepy. My third step would be to wear comfortable pajamas because it is important to be comfortable at bedtime. These are my steps for getting a good night's sleep.”

— Elliot from North Ridgeville Academy in North Ridgeville