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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #3

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What kind of crime-fighting robot would you design? What would it do and what would it look like? Bonus points if you share a drawing of your creation!

Jason, Westwood Elementary:  I would invent a crime fighting robot that is strong enough to pick up the freedom tower (in New York).  It would have sensors to track trouble and would fly up to 300,000 miles per hour. Once it is at the location it would look for it and send mini fling drones with Tasers on them. Were the done went the drone that got the bad guy, the drone would send a message to the robot and  would grab the bad guy and put him in the jail cell I will put in his stomach. Then have a G.P.S that will search up the nearest jail that is not full. That's the robot I would make.  

Nolan, Lake Middle School:  I would make my robot do all my chores. It would be tall, and bright red. It would have light bulbs for eyes and a painted mouth. It would talk to me and keep me company. That is my dream robot.

Jack, Bexley Schools:  I have drawn a crime fighting robot that can camouflage into its surroundings and can stretch its arms and legs.

Nola, Maryland Elementary:  I would invent a robot that could watch over parks and other public places. It would discourage people to break the law. It has an information log and disguises and a video camera to watch people.

Lucy, Glenwood Intermediate:  If I were to build a crime fighting robot it would be a robot that fights off burglars. I would build it because so many burglars get away with stealing and I think there should be a way to stop it. The way it works is it looks like a vase or something that is big but normal it would have a small camera. The camera would be motion activated and if it sensed motion it would snap a picture and it would alert whatever device that someone is there and the camera would send the picture to whatever device and the person would chose yes call the police or no call the police.

Sophie, Suffield Elementary:  If I could program a drone to do whatever I wanted, I would make one that flies around with a video camera on highways, around cities, etc. and the camera would be a security camera and someone has a job flying it around.  If the video camera surveillance people saw someone breaking the law, they could get the license plate on the video and catch the person.

Photo Credit: Addyson, Holly Lane Elementary

Photo Credit: Erica, St. Francis de Sales School

Photo Credit: Jack, Bexley Schools

Photo Credit: Nola, Maryland Elementary School

Photo Credit: Ricardo, Bexley Schools

Photo Credit: Mr. Summers, Dodge Intermediate