Your Answers: What piece of technology would you create to help people?

We learn about a new piece of technology that gives a non-verbal student the ability to communicate: What piece of technology or tool would you create to help people?  


I would make a machine that washes, dries, and folds your laundry. It would be called the Washo-Matic, AKA The Wash-Bot 2030.

— Ethan, Nord Middle School

I would make a charger that would charge so fast that you look away for a second your device will be at 100%.

— Paiyton, Colerain Middle School

I would create an app that would boost people's confidence, because I think COVID has taken its toll and everybody in the world needs a bit of a confidence boost.

— Sahasra, East Woods Intermediate School

I would make a device to help people find the right friends because sometimes kids have trouble making friends.

— Jensen, Hudson

If I could make technology that helped people, I would make sidewalks that would help the blind. It would move to show the blind where to go. You would walk on it and it would detect your weight and ask you where you wanted to go. You would tell it where to go and it would move you there. That is how I would help people using technology.

— Avery, Woodlands Elementary

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