Your Answers: What are some things that you do to help conserve energy?

We learn how the far-away Russian conflict is driving up energy costs here at home. That got us wondering: What are some things that you do – or you’ll try to do – to help conserve energy?


When it comes to electricity you can simply turn off lights if you are not using them, or in the room, as well as powering down an electronic. In the winter, you can use a programmable thermostat to turn down the heat when you are away and, in the summer, you can do the same with your air conditioner. Other ways to conserve energy in the summer is to use your air conditioner less by keeping your windows open and shades closed during the day and using fans.

— Eden, Berea Midpark Middle School

To conserve energy, my family’s going to buy an electric vehicle so that we do not have to use gas, and we can charge our car. Another way I conserve energy is I use an electric scooter that charges, saving even MORE gas. 

— Finn, Muraski Elementary School

Something I would do or try to do to help conserve energy is to use solar panels. I would do this because it's a renewable resource, or can be replaced as quickly as it could be used. Another reason I'd pick solar panels is because it helps the enviroment more, which is really important.

— Gabriella, Harding Middle School

Some things I try to do to conserve energy is taking really quick showers or, since I have hallway lights, don't turn them on during the day. Another thing is walking to school and carpooling.

— Allison, Rushwood Elementary


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