UAE Appoints 'Minister of Happiness'

Elmo is known for spreading happiness among kids -- but in an effort to spread cheerfulness country-wide, the United Arab Emirates has appointed a Minister of Happiness. A minister is an official who heads a government department.

The United Arab Emirates, sometimes called the UAE is located on the Persian Gulf on the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. Ohood al Roumi was sworn into the cabinet position last week. So what will she do? The UAE's prime minister says the new position will help create social good and make happiness part of the lifestyle.

According to the latest United Nations World Happiness Report, the UAE is the 20th happiest country in the world. The report, which ranked 156 countries, defines happiness as a measure of human welfare. It says people who live in the happiest countries have longer life expectancies and have more freedom to make choices.

At the top of the list? Denmark. The Scandinavian nation scored a happiness rating of 7.526 out of a possible 10 points, with Switzerland, Iceland and Norway close on its heels. The United States placed 13th — which is actually up two spots from last year.

At the other end of the scale, the African country of Burundi was the saddest country. Officially the republic of Burundi, the country is also one of the world’s poorest. Two other African countries - Togo and Benin also ranked as the world's saddest, along with Afghanistan and Syria.

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