The NewsDepth A+ Goes To...

Now it's time to hand out our A+. And this one comes to us from Mrs. Glasier, a third grade teacher at Roxboro Elementary, who wrote in to tell us about the new bike desk in her classroom. 

Inspired by a NewsDepth A+ from earlier this season, which featured a class at Granby Elementary in Columbus, Mrs. Glasier requested a bike desk for her classroom.

But the PTA couldn't quite cover the cost. That's when the Bunce family, whose daughter Claire is a student in the class -- stepped in. They paid the additional cost, and even assembled the bike! But, since there's only one bike the class had to find a way to share it, so a student, Kate, volunteered to manage the bike schedule for the class. She even uses a timer to make sure everyone gets equal time.

According to Mrs. Glasier, someone is pedaling the bike nearly every minute class is in session, and because of Kate's orderly schedule, the bike allows her students to get exercise without being a distraction.

Our A+ goes out to Kate, Claire, the Bunce family, and all the students in Mrs. Glaiser's class at Roxboro Elementary!

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