Pentagon Looking for Hackers to Test Computer Security

The pentagon is looking to employ some really good hackers... Yep, you heard me.

A hacker is a person who illegally gains access to a computer system. And typically there are big penalties for this type of crime. But as technology develops, there's a new need for someone with these skills to actually work with companies and organizations to help prevent information from being accessed by the bad guys. That's what happening in this case. 

The pentagon, which is the headquarters for the U.S. Department of Defense, is inviting hackers to try and break into the military's network to test its vulnerabilities. The thought process: if these hackers can crack it, tougher security measures are needed.

But the hackers must first be approved. Once they pass, hackers will have limited access to some of the military network. The pentagon's most sensitive networks will not be part of the program. The program kicks off next month.

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