NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #3

This week we learned about a school district banning class treats for birthday celebrations. Do you think treats should be banned?

Harlie, Munroe Elementary:  I think that schools should ban birthday treats. One reason is because when its a students birthday the other students only care about the birthday treat and not the student. Another reason is because if he/she brings in a treat and they didn't know that one of the students is allergic to something the student might have to go to the hospital! In conclusion I think schools should ban birthday treats.

Rian, St. Anthony of Padua School:  I think all students should bring in whatever type of treat is allowed, because kids deserve having treats for working so hard on their assignments, but the kids have to make sure the treats don't have any nuts, just in case of allergies. My school is allowed to bring any treat, as long as it doesn't have any nuts.

Justin, Price Elementry:  My school is allowed to bring in treats, but the treats can only be healthy ones like apples and bannas.  I think treats can be sugary or healthy food.  I think treats should not be banned because the kids who bring in the treats what to feel special.

Antonia, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  I do not think schools should ban classroom treats. I like going to the store and finding something for me and my class to enjoy. If you ban that then kids do not get to enjoy a lovely treat with their friends or make a yummy treat.

Jayden, Hull Prarie Intermediate:  I think they should ban class treats because a lot of kids have allergies.  Also, that teacher said,  that if its their birthday they can do extra recess and other fun activities.  I think that would be fun because you can have more fun time instead of just eating a treat you could hate.

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