NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #29

Last week we asked you to let us know what you thought about a school dress code for parents. 66% of you said no, the school shouldn't tell parents what to do.  Let's hear your supporting evidence for those choices by opening up our inbox.  

Tniyah, Chardon Hills Magnet School: "I think parents should have to wear a dress code because just like us we are humans and they are to. So we are not that different so if we have to wear a dress code they do too."

Kylie, Lake Elementary: "I don't think parents should be allowed to wear what they want. They are adults they can choose what they want to wear. It said that it is a bad influence on kids but if parents do it at home then what's the difference. I believe that parents should be allowed to wear what they want."

Nevaeh, Harvard Performance Academy: "I think the parents and children should start wearing dress code so they can look professional like they are taking care of their business."

Jordyn, Columbus Gifted Academy: "No, I do not think that parents should have to follow a dress code because they are adults and they have the freedom to do whatever ever they want since they are older than 18. Also if you say that it's to show students/ their children how they should dress at school, but if you force them, they never really get any type of responsibility from it. Or at least not as much as they would if they know the dress code and decide not to follow it and get in trouble from their own actions. For that reason and many more, I think that adults should not have to follow a dress code."

Luke, East Wood Elementary: "I think Parents should have a dress code because, as you, said, Rick, kids are sometimes bullied because what their parents wear. My evidence is that I have seen kids bullied because of what their parents wear."

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