NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #21

Last week we asked you to write to us about how you whether you have limits on the amount of time you can use electronic devices. Here's what some of you said:

Wesley, Mulberry Elementary: "I use my electronics for 1 hour on school and 2 hours on the weekend. I have to do homework once I got home from school so I won't play video games until the last second also for me to spend time with my family. 2 hours on the weekends because I don't have homework on the weekend. I can play with my friends without school but I do miss seeing my friends but at least I can talk to them."

Olivia, Meadowlawn Intermediate School: "I think you should limit your device to a certain time so your eyes don't go bad. I would stay on my iPad all day until I realized that I couldn't see as well. Now I am much better and get all my school work done."

L.J., Grant Elementary School: "The time I give myself with electronics is about an hour because I know it is bad for you."

Amara, Lakeview Middle School: "I play video games in all of my free time, but I'm not addicted. Sure I do play video games a lot but I have set my own bedtime (9:30) and when my alarm goes off to tell me to go to bed I know that I have to go to bed so I can get up easier in the morning. I love video games but I know how and when to stop playing them."

Lyndsay, Lakeview Elementary School: "I set my limit so I don't get addicted because I don't want to get bad grades and lose my friends due to videos games, video games are not worth getting bad grades or losing my friends. That is why I think it is important to set a limit to video games."

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