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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #17

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we learned about a school that locks up students' phones before class. We want to know if you think students should be allowed to use cell phones in class. Write to us and let us know why or why not!

Aleah, Lake Elementary:  I think students should be allowed to have their phones, because something might happen to them and they will need to call their parents. What if you leave your phone at home you can't call your parents then what will happen to them? That’s why I think we should be allowed to have our phones in schools

Paiton, Claggett Middle School:  I don't think cell phones should be brought to school. It might be a big distraction to the person with the cell phone and to others in the classroom. I don't think it would be that bad to bring them to recess, but there are always your peers. Lots of kids say they have to call a mom or dad during the day, but that's what the office is for.

Madilynn, Central Trail Elementary:  I think that students should NOT be allowed to have their cellphones out in class. The reason why is because if they are learning something very important, they could be on their cellphone, not listening to their teacher. Another reason why is because if they are doing a test, they could bring out their phone and look up the answers. This is why I don't think students should be allowed to have cellphones out in class.

Sami, Columbia Middle School:  I think cell phones should not be allowed in class. For one reason, kids play on them and their phones will continue buzzing all day long, and they don't get any work done! Also, you don't need your phone for searching up stuff, because your school should have computers. If not, you could use a book like the old days. That is why I think students should not be allowed in class.

Elias, Ford Intermediate: I think you should not be able to bring your phone in to class because it would be hard to pay attention to the teacher and what you’re learning in the classroom, and it would be distracting to others in the class trying to learn. This is why they should not let kids bring their phones into the classroom unless the teacher says so because kids that have phones can take away learning from kids that don't have phones.