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NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #12

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Tell us about the unusual pets in your life.

Noah, St. Peter School:  My weird pet is my dog. Now a dog doesn't sound weird but it is. My dog thinks he is a cat. Yes, a cat!  I came home from school one day and I let my dogs out of their crates. My one dog Marshall (the 'cat') ran out of the room and jumped on the back of a chair and put his two front paws on the windowsill like he was a cat! That is why I think he is weird.

Jordyn, Firelands Elementary:  I have an animal that is not that unusual but her personality is very unique.  She is a miniature horse named Ellye, and I believe she is a pig not a horse.  She acts like she does not have brain! Whenever I give her a bath she always rolls right after and so she gets all filthy again.  I get very annoyed.  She is a good horse though. She has a best friend who she is teaching not to be so shy. Both of the miniature horses were rescued from bad situations.  They will continue to learn to love and appreciate people.

Noah, Westwood Elementary:  I do have an unusual pet, it is my chickens. We don’t eat the chickens but we do eat their eggs. We got a rooster recently.  We thought it was a hen but we soon found out that we had a rooster from the loud sound in the morning. We got the rooster by accident.  My friend got a chicken from his grandparents and thought it was a hen, then a couple months later we found out it was a rooster. Now we have to get rid of it because the rooster has the eggs with the babies inside so we don’t want baby chicks.

Tatum, Sandy Valley Elementary:  I don't have a weird pet but my aunt does. She owns a hedgehog.  It is a girl and her name is Heidi. Her favorite things to do are sleep, eat and cuddle. When we have Christmas at her house I always call first dibs.

Lola, Monroe Elementary:  I have many animals.  I have a yellow Nigerian uromastyx lizard, an alligator snapping turtle, a pitbull, a great dane, a hedgehog, a cat, an Oscar (fish) and more. I think we should be able to have wild pets some people truly need them and love them.