NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #5


Should Third Party Candidates be included on ballots?  Be sure to tell us why you made this decision.

Lucas, Evening Street Elementary:  I think that people should include third party candidates, because what if people don't want those two candidates to be president.  It would probably be hard to choose a candidate for president that they do not like.  I think it might be boring for those people who don't like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  If we include third party candidates on the ballot, people will have another choice besides Hillary and Donald.

Jillian, Maryland Elementary:  I voted that third party candidates should be on ballots because they are still running for President!  They're in the election so they should be included.  I feel like third party candidates are a lot more unknown because everyone is so focused on Democrats and Republicans. I think that it should be where if you get the petition signed by enough people, you're on the ballots.  If more people knew about third party candidates, the candidate would have a lot better chance of winning the election.  You never know, maybe a third party candidate is someone that you want to vote for!

Milenka, Rock Creek Elementary:  The third party candidates should be on the ballots.  They are trying to become president and some people do like what they have to say.  If they do not put the third parties on the ballots those people will not vote who want a third party candidate or they would just pick a random person.  That is not good for our country.  This makes it very important for the ballot makers to put the third party candidates on the ballot.  

Mrs. Malchesky's Class, Hadden Elementary:  Most students in our class think that the third party candidates should be on the ballot.  Ally says if they don't like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, they have another option.  Ana says the other candidates would have a chance to be elected if they are on the ballot.  Jaden thinks that these candidates will have a greater chance of getting votes if their names are on the ballot.

Bella, Rock Creek Elementary:  I absolutely think that third party candidates should be on ballots.  If a voter does not like the candidates that the Republican and Democratic parties offer, they can look to the third party candidates for their final decisions.  Although the third party candidates will most likely not become president, as Mr. Nick said, they will probably only get 10% of the nation’s vote, the voter will still feel like they contributed to the nation’s biggest decision. Many people will probably disagree with me, and I respect that. But, in the meantime, some people will probably agree with me.  On the opposing side, meaning the people who disagree with me, they might think that it would be easier to just have the candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, so it’s easier to count up. As this is correct (it probably would be easier to count up the votes with only two candidates), many ballots may not be filled because the voters in that town or that area do not like the candidates.

Maeve, Kensington Intermediate:  In this week’s poll, I voted no because the 3rd party isn't very popular.  Also the voting date is November 8 and that's right around the corner.  The Democrats and the Republicans are now getting fewer votes and they might even tie if the 3rd party gets more votes.  Some candidates were Captain Crunch and Batman and I think that is kind of silly, but are country needs a serious president not some cereal. I think we should keep our candidates Democratic or Republican for News Depth.

Lily, Greentown Intermediate:  Most of my class (Mrs. Fuller's class) and I think it's pretty incredible that over 1,000 candidates are running for president.  I only knew about 3.  Donald trump, Hillary Clinton, and winter the dolphin!  Sometimes when I think of the election, I think about my friends or even my family, because sometimes we have to vote about things and what we do next.  I can't wait to see who becomes president.  I vote for winter the dolphin.  Thanks news depth, for being so incredible!

Isaac, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  I love the idea of living on Mars, and president Obama is working hard to make sure that we will be able to live on Mars in the future.  He says that he wants to be able to have a human on Mars in just 14 years!  That is going to be hard.  I liked how you called us the Mars generation, later on all children might be going up to Mars.  I also thought that it was cool how scientists tried to test if teens would go crazy if they were stuck in a confined space for eight months, I think that they would go crazy, you know how protective they are about their space.

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