NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #20

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Where would you like to travel as an astronaut?

Kallie, Bath Elementary:  If I went into space I would like to go to the International Space Station.  I’d like to go there because it would be fun to fly around and I would like to see what it’s like living in the space station.

Kylie, Dodge Intermediate:  Yes, I would apply to be an astronaut, because I have dreamed of being an astronaut since I was two years old.  Also, even though it’s not a planet anymore I would go to Pluto!  I used to think Pluto was so cool and I still do.  I also like it because it is blue and because I always thought it would be the biggest planet.

Riya, East Woods Elementary:  If I were an astronaut and I could visit any planet I wanted, I would visit an exoplanet that could possibly sustain life.  It would be interesting to see if any of the planets had life on them.  I could be the first one to be on the planet and I could discover a new species.  I would like to compare the species on earth to the ones on the planet.  I would have tons of questions about them.  What if some of them didn't use water or food as there energy source?  What if some of them didn't need oxygen?  It would be so interesting!

Mannan, Ford Intermediate:  If I could go anywhere I want in space, I would like to go to Mars.  I would continuously look for aliens and Martians (I might bring one with me if I capture one).  Don't worry I would never hurt a living thing unless if it harms me.  I would also stop at Pluto and give him some friends.  I would also try to go out of the Milky Way and see the Trappist-1 system, which would be fun!

Nick, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  I would go to Uranus.  I think it would be cool to go to the coldest planet in the solar system.  But you would have to bundle up you could die from how cold it is.  With the coldest temperature being -224 the coldest temperature recorded in the solar system.  I would bring a hot tub with me so I can still be warm on the planet Uranus.

Zoey, Rock Creek Elementary:  In this week's poll I voted that, I would apply to be an astronaut.  I would go to Neptune.  It seems really big and cool.  I have always liked science and space; it’s all so fascinating that there could be another species of life out in the galaxy!  Also, I thought it was pretty cool that they found more exoplanets around space that look like it could hold another species of life there.  I hope that in the future, NASA can find bigger and better technology so that we can travel to the exoplanets.

Nicole, Munroe Elementary:  I think that it is cool how scientists and astronauts are finding a bunch of new worlds.  I actually have heard from some scientists that the stars are other galaxies and planets.  I think that in the future, we might be able to live on other planets, or find other people on planets.  If there were other planets with people, I think that they would look different.  I think that it is really weird to think about other people living on other planets, in other galaxies.

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