NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #17

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we saw examples of unusual and innovative vending machines.  We want to know, what would you put in your healthy vending machine?

Emily, Dodge Intermediate:  I would put banana chips in my healthy vending machine.  I would also put some tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, grapes, apples, oranges and pomegranate.  I would also make my healthy vending machine refrigerated so nothing would go bad that is inside the vending machine.

Aiden, Liberty Elementary:  I think, personally, we should start filling vending machines with fruit, vegetables, dairy products, grain, and meat that taste good and more nutritious than pop and candy. This would help with the fact that kids, like me, are not getting enough nutrition in their foods.

Sarah, Westwood Elementary:  If I were to create a healthy food vending machine I would include these foods:  little carrots with ranch, small salads, fruit salad, small packages of nuts, and bottles of milk. The carrots would improve eyesight and they are very good for you. They would come with a small container of ranch. Also, in my vending machine, it would have a small salad with veggies on top and a small container of Italian dressing. The lettuce includes many vitamins which is good for your body. Another choice would be a small cup of fruit because the fruit is good for you includes a lot of vitamins and minerals, and gives you energy. Also, I would include some packs of nuts because they have a lot of protein which is really good for you. Lastly, I would include small bottles of milk because milk has a lot of protein and vitamins/minerals so it is good for your bones. That is what I would put in a vending machine instead of soda, chips, and candy.

Casey, Longfellow Elementary:  If I could make a vending machine, I would make the logo, Super Snacks.  On the inside, I would put bags of carrots, apples, veggie snacks, and spinach, which are all my favorite foods.  For drinks, I would put water and no added sugar drinks.  I think that kids my age should start eating healthier, so in the future, they start regularly eating healthy foods.  A good way to start is putting healthier snacks in vending machines!

Lacie, Grill Elementary:  I think if I could put healthy stuff in a vending machine, I would put fruit and a drink.  I would put apples, grapes, oranges, pears, pineapples, peaches, and water.  All of my options are healthy and have no sugar in them.  That is what I would put in my healthy vending machine.

Dana, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton:  If I got to choose what I would have in a vending machine, I would choose flowers.  You would be able to just pay some money, and push a button, and then you would have fresh flowers at your disposal.  You would be able to pay for the machine to tie the stems together with a bow, or give you a pre-made bouquet.

Emmy, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  In my vending machine I would have stress balls!  I would have stress balls because I get stressed out a lot whether it's from school or if I had a rough day.  Also, I love squeezing stress balls!  Instead of buying balloons and buying stuff to make slime, I would just put in a coin, push a button, and get my stress ball!  I would love to come home from school push a button and get a fun squishy stress ball!

Producer’s Note:  Shout out to Rowan and Elijah for creating this Awesome Valentine Vending Machine - and to Benjamin for sharing it with us!


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