NewsDepth Inbox: Season 47 - Episode #13

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Should fracking be allowed on public land? Be sure to tell us why you made this decision.

Claire, Parkside Elementary:  I voted yes in this week’s poll because people use energy every day.  If we don't get more energy, we won't have any energy and nobody would be happy about that.  Sure the land won't look so pretty but it would be worth it in the end.  We might not think of how much energy we use each day but it is a lot of energy.  I think that as long as the people that own the land that the fracking is going on get payed for the fracking, people should be able to be fracking on their land.  That is why I think fracking should be allowed on public land.

Jaime, Rock Creek Elementary:  I voted no because this wasting a lot of water. We should not waste the water. Also people walk on public land and camp.  They should not use land the community uses.  If you were hiking or camping, you would not like to walk by people fracking.  You want to look at nature and the animals.  The fracking would scare all the animals away from that area.  That is why I said no, they should not do fracking on public land.

Claire, Westwood Elementary:  I do not think fracking should be allowed on public land. First, the public land might be used for something else already and if you start to frack there you could get in very serious trouble. Next, fracking could be using up a lot of important natural resources that are used for other things. Lastly, the fracking could send off bad chemicals into the air and harm the environment. It could pollute the air and cause some birds to die. So those are my reasons why fracking should not be allowed on public land.

Matt, St. Peter School:  I learned about fracking this week on News Depth.  On the poll, I voted no because my opinion is that fracking oil on public land could cause damage, injury and destroy homes.  I think that the oil companies should have to buy land and be responsible for any harm that might result from fracking. 

Sheldon, Dodge Intermediate: I don’t think fracking should be allowed on public land because it could be destroying animas homes and food sources.  Also since they dump the waste water back into water sources this is bad.

Addyson, Bellevue Elementary:  I have done some research on fracking on public land and its effects. In a single year fracking has released at least 5.3 billion pounds of greenhouse gas methane.  Fracking wells produced at least 14 billion pounds of waste water.  That's a lot!  It was a hard decision whether they should or shouldn't be allowed to frack on public land because there are good and bad effects. I ended up voting no.  I think that they should find a good piece of land and just frack there.

Maya, Maryland Elementary:  In honor of M.L.K day I have composed a poem.

He never raised a fist

Yet, his message sent was clear

That all people are equal

And we fight,

Fight, without fear

He always persevered

He spoke to you and me

He walked and talked and rallied

'till all people were free 

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