NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #8

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: NASA is recruiting astronauts! Would you be a good candidate for their program? Why or why not?

Caden, Rushwood Elementary: I think that the Russian athletes shouldn’t have cheated because that’s not the right thing to do. And most people think it’s disrespectful. I think I would be a good candidate for NASA’s program because I know a lot about space and I work well with other people. You guys make news and learning things fun! You rock NewsDepth!

Lauren, Chapman Elementary: I love NewsDepth, it's a great way to end the week! I thought the gum wall was so disgusting. One of my favorite things on NewsDepth is NewsCat. Also, my language arts teacher, Mrs. Amari took a picture with you, Rick Jackson. NewsDepth is the best!  

Lexy, Warren Middle School: I don't think the Indians should change their mascot because there might be some important history behind the mascot and it would be so cool for them to be one of the only sports teams to have an Indian for their mascot. Plus it would take thousands of dollars to replace the uniforms, baseball caps, team spirit, foam fingers, etc.

Kennedy, Greentown Intermediate: I would be a good candidate for NASA's program because I'm brave, not afraid of heights and I think space is really cool!!

Bree, Claggett Middle School: I think it was a good idea about setting the law for dogs locked in cars. I love my dog and it would be horrible to have my dog locked in a car unattended when I go into a store!

Paige, St Paul North Canton: I don't think I would be a good candidate to be an astronaut. The reason is because I don't travel well, so floating around is not my dream. And there is some training which can be hard for some people. The equipment would be on your whole body and that could hurt. Plus the space craft would be small, which is bad for people who are claustrophobic. 

Connor, Kensington Intermediate: I thought it was cool that they sprayed leaves to get mosquitoes to die so diseases would not go around in Hawaii. And I thought it was cool how pieces of gum were all over the wall. There were 100 per brick, and 10,000 altogether! I love NewsDepth because I learn something new with every video. 

Carson, Central Intermediate School: Veterans Day is a very special holiday that honors the important people that put their life in front of ours. They are true heroes that go through things we can’t even think of. Veterans Day is very important to me.

Jordan, North College Hill: I liked the story about the Ohio Veteran's Hall of Fame. It's great that there are new veterans that we can call heroes. I'm really grateful that those people can be honored for protecting our country. Thanks for the news, NewsDepth.

Chase, Rushwood Elementary: I think the most important is the pledge for Veterans. We invited kids’ friends and family that are veterans to our school. The veterans put up the flag, and we sung the Star Spangled Banner. We learned a lot about veterans. I'm sure it means a tot to all the veterans that we take a day to honor them. I thank all of them, do you?

Kayden, Munroe Elementary: I thought the information about minimum wage was interesting. I think they should raise minimum wage because those people work hard. I also liked the story about the gum wall, but I think it's gross!!

Cadence, Munroe Elementary: I love NewsDepth so much! I would be a great NASA astronaut because I'm good at looking and knowing what the planet is. I also think that since I can remember a lot I could know about the ship. I never study for the test so I can see what I know. PLEASE KEEP MAKING MORE NEWSDEPTH!! 

Spencer, Ayer Elementary: I would make a great astronaut, even though I don't want to be one. I have keen eyesight, and I am very good at observing things. I also thought it was really cool how Joseph went from being blind to being able to see in about four days! That is really cool.

Kylie, Dodge Intermediate: I think my papa deserves the A+ of the week because he fought in a war and got shot. Everybody had to go say goodbye. He ended up surviving and to this day, he is 80 years old and fights diabetes. My papa is a strong man who deserves my A+ of the week and yours. I love NewsDepth and hope to see more awesome episodes. 

Lina, Columbus School for Girls: I thought plant pencils sounded so cool! I think I might be a good astronaut because I am good at math and I work well with small groups, but I might not want to because I would miss watching NewsDepth.

Maddie, Cuyahoga Heights Middle School: Yes, I do think that I have what it takes to be an astronaut, because I share a room with my sister and it can be very hard, but I can live with it. I also think it would be cool trying all the new foods and looking at outer space and even learning about all of the other stuff. I enjoy watching NewsDepth with my class and think it is fun every Friday.

Mrs. Ramirez’s 4th Grade Class, Cassingham Elementary: We really enjoyed your story on Joseph from Sierra Leone. We are happy that Joseph can see now, and we were inspired by Joseph's story. We can't even imagine what it would be like not to have vision. We hope Joseph continues to make good progress with his vision, and learns how to read and becomes a teacher. He seems like such a nice and optimistic person. Thanks for always providing us with stories that make our hearts happy! You rock NewsDepth!

Angelo, Rock Creek Elementary: I might be good enough to be an astronaut! I am good with computers and do not need glasses, so I might be able to pilot a ship! It would be more fun to go on the ISS, I think! I have been tracking it online for about a month now! Last but not least, NEWSDEPTH ROCKS! Keep on being Awesome!

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