NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #5

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If the First Lady visited your school, what questions would you have for her?

Justin, Northfield Elementary School: If the First Lady came to my school, I would ask her what it is like living in the White House.

Colin, Maryland Elementary: If Michelle Obama came to my school I would ask who she thinks should be the next president of the United States of America.

Gabi, Central Intermediate School: If Mrs. Obama came to my school, I would be super excited. I would ask her if she could have schools give no homework. We already do enough work at school. I love NewsDepth. P.S. Can you do the whip nae nae on the show?

Brooke, Lake Elementary: Hi! I just want to say your show is awesome! My class loves your show and so do I! I like to watch your shows because it gives me great advice about our state!!!

Luke, Melridge Elementary School: Every Thursday, me and my fourth grade class watch your videos.  Every time we watch them, we really enjoy them, no matter what it is about.  We always get so happy when News Cat comes on. I really hope that you keep doing this and I will keep enjoying it.

Aurora: I really love your show! My favorite day is Newsdepth day, and  my favorite story has been about the wacky laws. Throwing a snake at someone is so crazy! I hope you continue your show and don't change a thing. Keep making Fridays great!

Lexi, Minster Elementary: I love NewsDepth! I'm looking forward to every Thursday to watch your show. After school, I am determined to go home and share what I now know! I learn a lot and I enjoy it. Hope you never stop!

Brynn, Kensington Intermediate: Everybody is so excited when my teacher says it’s time for NewsDepth. I am too! It can be really funny like the laws and the dancing. It is also cool to see what is happening around the world. Thanks for everything!

Kara, Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy: My class loves NewsDepth. We do the survey every week and love it. My favorite animal in the zoo is the monkey, though the manatee is so cute. I'm glad that she was put in the right hands. NewsCat is also amazing. You guys rock!

Oliver, Wilson Elementary:  I love watching NewsDepth in Social Studies! We also do a fun activity after watching your show. We take notes in class while watching, then we take a quiz about what you told us. The quiz is 5 questions. If you answer at least 3 questions correct, you get to play a mini game, where you slingshot a stuffed monkey into a target on the whiteboard. Whoever gets the closes to the bullseye wins, and receives a treat like a toy. Thanks News Depth! 

*Producer’s Note: Wow! That sounds like fun – I want to join in! -Stephanie

Arianna, Thomas Jefferson Elementary: We love listening to the news you give us. Every Friday we watch and then take a "trivia challenge." Our teacher asks us questions about the episode and then gives us a piece of candy for every answer we get right. So not only do you give us the news and knowledge, you also give us a chance for candy! Thank you so much!

Cole, Greentown Intermediate: Hi, I love NewsDepth! Also our whole class loves NewsCat. Whenever the meow comes on they all meow! I really like the story about the guy eating ants! It was really cool. It was also cool how algae is now edible. Bye!!

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