NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #4

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How should social media be monitored?

Brian, Parkside Elementary School: “I love News Depth. I am so happy that I get to watch it this year because we didn't get to watch it in third grade sadly. Iloved the news cat it was the best one wet!

Chloe, Melridge Elementary: “I loved the information about the buckeyes in Buckeye Beat last week. One time, my brother and I went to the park and there were buckeyes everywhere! My brother and I each picked one up and took it home to show our parents. I also liked hearing about the presidential debate. I love watching the debates on TV with my mom and dad. I love News Depth so much! You guys are awesome!

Alioia, Rushwood Elementary: I think parents should look over your social websites. I do because your kids or students may post inappropriate photos or posts. That may cause bad habits and they could get into a lot of trouble. They will be more cautious if a parent is watching over them. NewsDepth rocks!!

Audrey, Rushwood Elementary: “I think social media accounts should be monitored by parents because dangerous and very harmful things could happen. I think that everything on social media that is cruel should get reported. Keep it up because my mom’s not annoyed yet about me talking about NewsDepth!”

Paige, Dodge Intermediate: “I think that there should be an app where parents can watch your child and manage their account and see what they are doing. Like for example, Instagram. You can see what they post, who their friends are, who they talk to and what they are saying.”

Riley, Dodge Intermediate: “I think there should be a “social media police”. You should have to be a certain age to have any social media. IT SHOULD BE A LAW! You should have to put in your birthday. Also, I think that for Instagram, if you’re not 13 or older, you should get a kid friendly version. Same with any other social medias.

*Producer’s Note: Great ideas, Riley! - Stephanie

Joe, Riverside School: “I liked the story about the little boy who collected money to help create the super hero lair. It was amazing to me that he did it on his birthday and was not being selfish.”

Brennan, Northfield Elementary School: "Hello NewsDepth! I am in the 3rd grade and we watch NewsDepth in class. I like news cat a lot! He is just like my cat, but news cat is much more talented! My class really likes your show. Even my teacher! That is all for now. I can't wait to watch next week's episode!!"

Sydney, Valley View Elementary: "I love News Depth so much! I liked the segment about how some video games can actually up your brain power! That's so cool. Stay awesome NewsDepth.”

Emmett, Cassingham Elementary: “I love watching NewsDepth every week. It is so cool that video games are good for your brain. Now I can tell my parents video games are good for your brain. I can't wait to see the next show!”

Natalie, Cassingham Elementary: “Every week when my class watches NewsDepth, it always makes my day. I love learning new things about Ohio. I ABSOLUTELY love the stories you upload on your weekly episodes. Keep in mind to stay awesome!”

Jacob, Maryland Elementary: “I actually help people with special needs by playing goalie in hockey, and I think it makes a difference because they feel comfortable.”

Carol, Maryland Elementary: “I loved your segment about the buckeyes. I never knew about the history of the buckeye. It was so interesting how his house was made out of buckeye trees and that he decorated his house with buckeyes. I live in Ohio and I enjoy watching the buckeyes play. At my house I have a buckeye tree in my front yard and I love to collect the buckeyes when they fall.”

Rowan, Greentown School: I am 9 years old. I just wanted to tell you some facts about a NewsDepth I just watched.  I have an idea for that lunch or dinner. Maybe my dad can bring his super good spicy wings. He has BBQ, salt and vinegar, and original. Just tell him what kind you want and maybe just maybe he might send you some of those. Or you could just ask him to send ALL 3. But it's probably a long shot.”

Producer’s Note: Thanks for the dinner idea, Rowan! Tell your dad ‘Hi!’ for us! - Stephanie

Carolyn, Ralph E. Waite Elementary: “My name is Carolyn and I loved your segment about Buckeyes, because I recently won the Miss Buckeye State Queen title and I liked learning about the buckeye in Miss Buckeye State.”

Liberty, Elmhurst Elementary: “Wait one second! I can't believe that playing video games helps your brain! I think that the idea sounds really funny! I think that I can now tell my parents that it's good for me, so I can play video games longer. I love how News Depth talks about the coolest, and most current topics that inform me. Thanks again for making me think differently about video games!  X-Box, here I come!”

Taylor, Waterford Elementary: “I always watch your show. When we don't watch it at school, I watch it at home. You’re always putting new stuff on there that is interesting. We always watch it on Mondays or Thursdays. Then we go to the computer lab and go on NewsDepth and do the survey and watch News Cat! Buckeye Beat is my FAVORITE!!!!  I always pay a lot of attention when Buckeye Beat comes on! I pay attention to the whole thing but Buckeye Beat is my favorite! I thought the whole goats idea is awesome. That is a very good idea!! News Cat is so cute! He types really really fast and if I could type as fast as him, I would type all the time. I would type for NO reason!!

Mackenzie, Waterford Elementary: “I love your show! It is the best thing I have ever watched in my life. I like that you guys are always being funny with your news. :) One day I hope to be on NewsDepth. I know that Waterford class 6B loves NewsDepth, not just me. We watch it throughout the week whenever a new one comes out. Oh ya I forgot to write something, Hi Rick :)”

*Producer’s Note: Thanks for watching, Mackenzie! We love hearing from your class! -Stephanie

Ra’Mya, North College Hill: "I love NewsDepth because it teaches you about things that are happening in the world. My school is on fall break, but that doesn't mean that we can't watch NewsDepth. We love your show. I especially love Know Ohio.”

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