NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #16

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think Scholastic, the publisher of A Birthday Cake for George Washington, did the right thing by pulling the book from the shelves?

Gianna, Hadden Elementary:  I thought Scholastic did the right thing by pulling the George Washington book off their website, because the book was about slaves being servants because of their skin color.  It looked like they were happy on the cover, and that would make kids think that slavery was okay, when it's not.

Allyson, Preston Elementary:  I don't think Scholastic should have pulled that book off of the shelves.  I love reading and that book might have made other people love to read too. So many people might have loved that book and all they do is take it away.  I just think that is unfair. But, I loved hearing about it on NewsDepth.

Daniel, Cuyahoga Heights Elementary:  I think that Scholastic did the right thing by pulling the book from shelves because slavery is not a joking matter.  Most slaves were not happy with their owners.  Little kids shouldn't think that slaves were happy in slavery making cakes for their owners.

Kaiya, St. Patrick School:  I think that they should not let people buy the book about slaves. I wouldn't let people read this book because it wasn't telling the truth about slaves. The slaves did not like how they were treated and the book says that they did. If a little kid read this book they would think that slavery is OK but it’s not. It is very important for little kids to know the truth, because they do not know a lot and if they read this book they would think it is true but it is not.

Hailey, Olmsted Falls Intermediate:  I loved the story about the Aurora Borealis (Or Northern Lights). The picture was very fascinating. I love how the colors look like somebody painted the sky. For some weird reason, looking at that photo it makes me feel like I can do anything!! The picture reminds me of when the kids on the Polar Express see the northern lights on their way to the North Pole. It is a beautiful sight to see and I wish I was up there to see it in person. I have always loved the northern lights and how they seem almost magical dancing in the black night sky.

Mrs. Lehman’s Social Studies Class, Springdale Elementary:  We think it's really amazing how the Northern Lights form and we think they're really pretty! We think it would be cool if we could see them in person. We can't believe how many bright colors can appear in the Northern Lights!  We also thought the segment about the planets was interesting. We are amazed by how the planets formed in a line! Is it possible to find the closest planet to the sun in the daytime, or are they only visible to us at night?

Audrey, Rushwood Elementary:  My favorite part was when the archeologists found an ancient city.  That was my favorite part because it was really interesting to see stuff from a long time ago and compare it to the large cities we have now.  I also liked that part because it was very cool and I wanted to hear more of it and to find out what they did next.

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