NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #14

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Protestors took over the government building in Oregon and it has caused schools to be closed.  Do you believe they have the right to be there with protection from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or do you believe they should be arrested because they are impacting the rights of other people?

Trey, Maryland Elementary:  I think Oregon protesters should be allowed to protest, because they have the freedom of speech.  I think protesters should have police standing by just in case it gets out of hand. Also I think the U.S. government should balance the federal land a little bit more. I mean almost half of the western is owned by the government.

Lucy, Laurel School:  I was really interested in the protesters and what’s happening with the government.  I think that protestors should back off the government.  They have given enough rights to the people.  I don’t think they should be arrested.  Still, someone needs to do something by preventing them from being arrested.

Hailey, Rushwood Elementary:  My favorite part was the new segment Be Well.  I liked this part because you guys talked about how your body works.  When you talked about the brain everyone said “Ewe” or “Gross,” but I think it’s awesome.  I also think protesters in Oregon have the rights to walk around and try to own the land.

Cassidy, Mulberry Elementary:  I loved the part on the little girl that was born with half of a heart. I think that it's very sad for people to be born with a half of a heart or a disability, so I am excited to hear that doctors are trying to help make that problem not happen anymore. I think that people including kids with disabilities should be treated as if they are normal human beings. I believe that the idea of having American Girl Dolls with a scar by their hearts is a fantastic idea.

Violet, Columbus School for Girls:  I thought that the story about the girl wanting American Girl to make dolls with the scar from heart surgery was very interesting. I think American Girl should make dolls with scars because girls out there have scars and they would want dolls to be made like them. Doing this would also emphasize the fact that everyone is different, and show young kids about kids with scars from heart surgery.

Emma, Kensington Intermediate:  I loved the story about how the girl wants an American girl with a scar on her heart. I am sad that she had to go through all those surgeries. I wonder what is like having to go through that. She is an amazing girl.

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