NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #13

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think the government has the right to restrict gun purchases?

Maggie, Rushwood Elementary: I think the government has the right to limit how many guns people buy.  The first reason I think that is guns are dangerous.  The second reason is sometimes people kill each other with guns. The third reason is people don’t use their brains when they have guns and the guns can be in the wrong hands.  I am glad the people that sell guns check the person that’s buying the guns background.  Or maybe something like their prison record (if they have one).  I don’t know why people sell guns anyway.  I’m glad you make news fun for kids.  I don’t like watching my mom’s boring news show!

Grace, Ford Intermediate:  I think it is very, very important for the government to be able to restrict gun purchasing laws, because there have been so many changes in society since the constitution was made and people have been using guns in horrible ways, such as, school shootings. I personally believe that if we do better background checks, and restrict the amount of guns sold, then bad things would happen less and people would only have guns for important purposes.   

Makayla, Munroe Elementary:  I think that the government should get to restrict gun purchases, because people could kill other people with guns.  I think that if they didn’t, people could buy guns to kill people.  I think the government does have a right.

Kennedy, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  I have mixed emotions about if the government should restrict gun purchases.  I think they should restrict it because too many people are being hurt by guns and their dealers.  I also think the government should not be able to restrict gun purchases because if good people need them to go hunting, and get the only food for their family, and they don’t have them, then their family could starve of hunger because the hunter of the family doesn’t have something to hunt with. 

Mackenzie, Columbus Gifted Academy:  I think that the government should restrict gun purchases for certain people. I remember the Newtown school shooting where the first graders were killed. I was only in second grade when it happened! I have the same disorder as the shooter and I hated that!

Cooper, Ella Canavan Elementary:  I think that the government should regulate guns and allow people to keep the kind that have a finger scanner.  That way you have to scan your finger before you shoot and then you would know who shot it.  The government should take away the ones that don't have the finger print scanner.

Baylee, Mulberry Elementary:  I like the story about the Vietnam War because my grandpa served in it. He served in 1969 for the Air Force and he got cancer from it in 2014 because of the chemicals they put on their crops. He died because of it on April 3 of last year but I consider myself lucky because he came home not wounded and I got to spend some time with him.  I just want to thank all of the veterans and the families for serving and being away from them for so long.

Ariana, Madison Avenue Elementary:  I like the story about the new technology convention.  My favorite was the watch that will allow you to hear what is on your phone without headphones.  I wish I could get one right now!  It would be very helpful. Thank you NewsDepth for the information. I will watch out for when the watch is on the market.

Hyler, Shore Middle School:  I was really surprised about the new rules for the hover boards.  Children should be able to ride their hover boards. I don't think it's fair that only adults are allowed to ride them.  Also I was surprised that there were 22 houses catching on fire from the boards. People should be more careful.

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