NewsDepth A+: Representing Their School In A Mural

Students in Mr. Kaspar’s Art Class were asked to make the entrance to their city, Brooklyn, more unique and memorable. So this week's Newsdepth A+ goes to the Murals And Environmental Art One class at Brooklyn High School. Mr. Kaspar said the class normally paints murals around the school grounds. But This year, with support from Sherwin Williams, the students were able to help to beautify the city.

Brooklyn City Councilman Andy Celcharts, who is also the director of Keep Brooklyn Beautiful, helped select a prominent location in the city -- an 80 foot long retaining wall at one of the main entrances to Brooklyn. 

The artists began the planning process last spring.

“Mr. Kaspar asked each of us to come up with a design for the painting. after that we compared designs and combined some of the elements. then we voted on it and chose the colors and fonts we wanted to use” explained eleventh grader Alex Hernandez.  “This is my first year in the class, but this is a great opportunity to create something that will be remembered,” he continued.

Twenty students in the murals class and from The National Art Honors Society will be doing the actual painting in the spring. the pandemic slowed down progress, but the size of the wall will allow the students to paint and still be socially distanced.

“I’m really grateful to have been part of this. the students at Brooklyn High School and in the murals class work really hard on the projects they are involved in so it’s very nice to see some of us helping to represent the school and city in the mural” said tenth grader Sienna Jackson.

This week’s Newsdepth A+ goes to the murals and environmental art students at Brooklyn High School for collaborating with the community and designing a mural to beautify their city.

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