Name Change for Robert E. Lee Elementary in Texas

To Texas now, where an elementary school there named after a confederate general -- could be one step closer to changing its name. A community advisory committee voted to approve a name-change for an elementary school named after General Robert E. Lee.

Lee was a general for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He is said to have been one of the 'great commanders in military history'. In addition to schools taking his name, some southern states remember the general on a holiday called Robert E. Lee Day.  

Confederate symbols nationwide are facing review over concerns about racism. Last month, a school district in Houston Texas voted to rename four of its campuses that had confederate names. This week's recommendation will now be presented to the Austin Independent School District Board for review. There are nineteen schools in Texas named for Robert E. Lee and some others are going through similar disputes.

And that brings us to this week's survey question. Many southern states, like South Carolina, have removed symbols of the Confederacy - like the Confederate flag. Similarly, some believe using the name of General Robert E. Lee in the name of the school evokes the same feelings as other Confederate symbols. While others believe it's a tribute honoring a Confederate hero and a symbol of southern pride.

Where do you stand? Would you vote to remove his name from the school title? Let us know what you think. After you vote, write to us, and tell us how you came to your decision.

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