How Much Sleep Do You Get?

You probably know that kids need more sleep than adults do.

And scientists tell us that adults need to sleep at least seven hours a night. People from seven to 12 years old need more than ten hours every day -- nine hours if you're a little older.

A national survey from the Centers for Disease Control shows that's not happening - finding more than one third of adults aren't getting enough shut-eye. That survey didn't specifically measure kids, but some of the reasons for not sleeping enough are similar.

For either group, the less sleep you get -- the more risk you have for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness. Tips for getting more rest include getting exercise during the day, not eating a big meal right before bed, cutting out caffeine and putting the phone away when you go to bed so its noises and the light won't bother you.

That brings us to this week's survey question -- we want to know: On an average night, how much sleep do you get? Here are your options: less than six hours, six to eight hours or the recommended amount of sleep for young people at nine to 11 hours.

Let us know where you fall in terms of sleep -- and after you vote, write to us. How does the amount of sleep you get impact your daily life? Does your performance in school or outside activities suffer if you don't get enough sleep? For instance, do you find yourself snoozing in class -- or maybe it's just harder to pay attention. Let us know and we’ll share some of your responses on the next show.

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