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Two Ohio lawmakers want to create an awareness day about communication disorders and name it after Annie Glenn, the wife of former U.S. Senator and astronaut John Glenn.

She became a public speaker after going through a program to address her own struggle with stuttering. ‘Annie Glenn Communication Disorders Awareness Day’ would be recognized on February 17th, Annie's birthday.

The lawmakers say the move could help educate others about the challenges people who struggle with communication issues face.

Moving on, what's the biggest number you can think of? Well, a supercomputer in North Canton verified the largest prime number ever discovered... at over 22 million digits long! A prime number is a number greater than one, that can be divided evenly only by 1 or itself.

So with more than 22 million digits, this record breaking prime number spans 68 miles long! And it has seven million commas. If it were to be printed, the number would be so large it would take 6,000 pages of paper.

But if you're not really a numbers person, maybe our next story will interest you. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is asking for the public's help with the naming of its three month old polar bear cub.

The names up for a vote are Desna, which means boss; Kaya, a Native American name meaning 'little but wise'; Nora, which is a mixture of the cub's parents’ names; and Sakari, meaning 'sweet'.

The president and CEO of the zoo wants the vote to raise awareness for the polar bear population. Voting is open until February 3rd.

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Website: Cleveland.com: North Canton supercomputer verifies world's largest prime number


Video: The world's largest prime number has 22 million digits: It may not be practical (yet), but it's pretty nifty.


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