Feagler 10,50

Newsmaker: Congressman Dennis Kucinich: He announced this week that he’s launching another long-shot run at the Democratic presidential nomination. Kucinich, who ran in 2004, but got little support at the polls, says his candidacy will focus on U.S. policy in Iraq. He wants the troops brought home and complains neither major party is about to make it happen.

Roundtable: Stan Bullard, senior reporter, Crain’s Cleveland Business, Chris Sheridan, editorial writer, The Plain Dealer; Richard Osborne, editor, Ohio Magazine.

Kucinich for President? Mr. Feagler will open the roundtable with a brief discussion of the Kucinich candidacy.

The Crisco Conundrum: The City of Cleveland this week indicated it plans to join New York City in banning the use of trans fats at local restaurants. They’re widely regarded as a health hazard and food processors have been racing to eliminate trans fats from their products. Restaurateurs object saying they’ll be hard-pressed to find a substitute that will keep the food tasty and the menu prices palatable.

Check Your Cell Phone at the Door: Akron school officials are considering ban on cell phones, pagers and other electronic gadgetry in classrooms. Students are already forbidden to use the devices during class; the outright ban would go a step further. Several local school districts already outlaw use of cell phones and confiscate them from students who use them, but few have bans.

Passenger Limits: The Ohio Senate passed a law limiting drivers under 18 to just one passenger who’s not a member of the family. Lawmakers acted to prevent accidents, some fatal, in which young passengers distracted young drivers. Safety officials say 16 and 17 year old drivers are involved in a disproportionately high number of fatal accidents.

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