Feagler 10,47

A special Thanksgiving weekend edition of Feagler and Friends.

James Renner, author: Amy, My Search for Her Killer. In 1989, Amy Mihaljevic, 10, met a stranger who promised to help her buy a gift for her mother. Nothing more was heard of her until a jogger discovered her body in an Ashland County farm field four months later. Her abduction and murder shattered the confidence of bucolic Bay Village, where Amy lived with her parents and brother. And it’s still talked about, in part, because the killer has not been found. Renner says his fascination with Amy began as the case unfolded and her picture was on the television news nightly. He was 11 at the time. Recently as a freelance journalist, he spent months in an effort to find Amy’s killer.; Like the police, he found some tantalizing clues, but not the killer. He’ll talk with Mr. Feagler about his search.

Amy, My Search for Her Killer: information; sample chapter; purchase

Bob Dolgan, author: America’s Polka King. Frankie Yankovic rose from humble Cleveland/Slovenian roots to become the best-known performer of his genre. Yankovic was responsible for over 200 recordings, including his million-selling “Just Because,” and was the first polka performer to win a Grammy. Veteran Cleveland journalist Bob Dolgan, himself of Slovenian descent, wrote of Yankovic’s heroic achievements as a musician. He also tells us of Yankovic the man, who sometimes rubbed his family and his band mates the wrong way. And he writes of a strange incident in which Yankovic was caught shoplifting meat from a supermarket when he had $900 in his pocket; not exactly a crowning moment for America’s Polka King.

America's Polka King: information; sample chapter; purchase

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