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Your Answers: Invent a New Sport!

Did you ever invent a new sport with your siblings or friends? We asked you to explain it to us!

Here are some of your creative ideas!

Dear NewsDepth,

If I would invent a sport it would be called an ice board. Ice boarding is when you are on ice with a snowboard. People could perform or just do it for fun!

— Lexie, Manchester middle school

Dear NewsDepth,

A new sport I would invent if I could would be called FLIP! Flip is like the basketball pig or horse but for dance and gymnastics. Me and my friend always play it together and it is really fun! Some girls at my school want to play something like pig or horse but don't want to play basketball. FLIP could be something they could play and they don't have to do basketball. I want to make sure everyone is having fun at recess. That is the reason I would choose flip as a new sport. Also, could you also say hi to Newshound for me, he is a really adorable dog."

— Eloise, North Canton Intermediate

Woof! - NewsHound

Dear NewsDepth,

If I were to create a new sport it would have basketball and golf and soccer. You would have to make the basketball in the soccer goal. The golf stick you would have to put the basketball on the ground and then hit the stick and make a goal."

— Taleea, NCIS

Dear NewsDepth,

I think it would be fun to have a mix between basketball and volleyball as a sport. This sport would be played with an inflatable ball. On each side of the court, there would be a tall podium. To score, you need to hit the ball onto the podium, and it has to stay there for at least 5 seconds. Each team would have 6 players. You have to hit the ball with one hand, and you can't hold it. If the ball touches the floor, or someone holds the ball, it is a foul, and the other team gets a point, and a free hit to score. This sport is called towerball.

— Jameson, Price Elementary

Dear Newsdepth,

I would invent a game called Balloon Tap. There would be one balloon and after a minute of tapping the balloon without touching the ground, a second balloon would be added. Extra balloons would continue to be added. The person would be eliminated when the balloons touched the ground more than 2 times. This is a hard sport! I tried it for a while and I'm not a PRO!"

—Everett, Claggett Middle School