Making It: Medina Brothers Manufacture Timeless Razors

Making It: Medina Brothers Manufacture Timeless Razors

Makers: Mark Timura, president, and his brothers

Business: Timeless Razor

Band of Brothers: Timura runs the Timeless Razor business with three of his four brothers. The Timura clan grew up in Medina and now own and operate Triaxis Machine & Tool – a machine shop in North Royalton where they make small products for other companies. Timeless Razor is an entity of Triaxis. The brothers began learning the manufacturing trade in high school by working in a shop owned by their father. Now they run the family business together.

“We were close in age growing up. We always played together. We argue just like anybody else. If we all thought the same, then one of us wouldn’t be needed,” Timura said. Their parents even help out with the business from time to time.

Manufacturing Masters: The Timura brothers were looking for ways to expand the machine shop and hoped to start creating their own product line. The idea came to them in 2015 to start using their manufacturing minds to create quality razors for shaving.

“I knew how to make a lot of things – we all did,” Timura said. “We went through the engineering aspect of it, that would shave better, be more efficient and look better as well.”

Everybody Shaves: Shaving products are often targeted toward men, and when shaving products are designed for women they are frequently pink. Timeless Razors are unisex. Timura said his razors are not exclusively for men.

“A lot of women are using this as well,” Timura said. “They don’t care that it’s heavy and stainless steel. They don’t necessarily need it to be pink or pink camouflage. A lot of them actually very much dislike that. They want to use the same razor. It’s essentially the same geometry. Why would they be treated any differently?”

Timeless Razors makes razors primarily out of aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and titanium. You can find the razors for sale across the country at select specialty shops and online.

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